Stock specific exchange tools and investment division is known



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When a company need money to expend their business
but they don’t have that much money in their hand so in that situation company
issue their share to public and public buy those shares from the share market
which is also known as stock market. The beginning of stock market is started
from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1817. Before that in 1792 NYSE
acquires its first trade security. In 1817, the constitution of the New
York Stock Exchange Board is adopted. The estimation of specific
exchange tools and investment division is known as stock analysis. Also to
measure the future value of market and sector we usually do stock analysis.
There is two type of Stock analysis: Fundamental analysis and technical
analysis. Fundamental analysis is based on the overall economy, financial
condition and management of companies. Whereas technical analysis is statistics
study generated by volume, past price and most important market activity. In
the following paragraphs I will explain about type of stocks analysis and three
stocks markets.

Body 1:

There is two type of stock analysis; first is
fundamental analysis, fundamental analysis is totally based on the overall
economy, financial condition, company assets and market share. To make
fundamental analysis on a company, analysts and shareholder typically analyze
the metrics on a company balance sheet, cash flow statement
and income statement.
Through database these statement send to the public. Also, the revenue
statement discharge by company at the time of its quarterly income press
release is analyzed by shareholder who confirmed how much revenue, expenditure,
and profits a company made. Looking at the balance sheet still, a stock accountant
may want to know about the current debt levels taken by company. At that time,
a stock accountant may utilize the debt ratio,
which is calculated by dividing total liabilities by
total assets. The second type of stock analysis is Technical analysis. Technical
analysis reveals the future value of financial price movement depend on an
examination of previous price movement. It does not give exactly what going to
happened, it only helps investors to know what will be happened in future. Technical
stock analysis is effective only when the price trend analyzed is formed by
supply and demand. Fundamental and Technical analysis can be done separately or
together. Some use both ways of analysis, at the same time others use other
method to done analysis. Either way, using stock analysis sectors, and the
market is an important method of making the good investment strategy. For
example: Apple stock research. As everyone believe that apple has a good market
and it is very famous American company, which makes electronic toys like mobile
phones(iphone’s), laptops (Macbook) and the last ear pods ( Ipod). The demands
of these products are very well in all around the world. And also Apple has
good name in stock market as well, share price of Apple is too high but still
people like to buy them. Apple’s approximation is lower than its past earnings growth
rate and its forecast growth. In fundamental analysis, investors will look at
the current situation of the company which is very good iphone has great iphone’s
demand in the market. In 2012 they have more cash than US government and
economy situation of the company is good too. In technical analysis part the
stock accountant will look at what they are going to make in the future and try
to find out would it will have enough demand, after all researches accountant
gives a little idea to investors about future.

Body 2:

Toronto Stock Exchange
(TSE) is the largest stock exchanges in the world. According to market capitalization it is ninth largest
exchange in the world situated in Toronto,
it is owned by TMX group for the trading of senior equities.
 New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the one of the best stock exchange in
the world revealed market capitalization. TSE daily trading value was $666,618
calculated on September 26, 2017 by daily report (
) . On the other side, NYSE daily trading volume was $834,178,781 revealed by
CNN Money (
Suncor Energy Inc. last was $47.11 Canadian dollars, +0.23% change, 2,571M
volume in Toronto Stock Exchange updated by TSX January 12, 2018 (  . Whereas, $37 USD, 0.32% change, 61.91B
volume in New York Stock Exchange updated by NYSE  on January 12, 2018 (
. Price in both markets was same and there is ample of difference in volume in
both markets.
Body 3:

National Association of Securities Dealers Automated
Quotations also known as NASDAQ, the second largest exchange in the world after
NYSE revealed by market capitalization. In 1971 NASDAQ was founded by National Association of Securities
Dealers (NASD). Also it was the first electronic stock
market. Nowadays NASDAQ is owned by Nasdaq Inc. There is three different types
of market tiers first is capital market, second is global market and the last
one is global select market. Capital market covers small level of market
capitalization. Global market is built up with share that shows Nasdaq global
market, it is also known as mid cap. And the last Global select market is the
market which is based upon international trade and US based trade that
represent Global select market. NASDAQ average annualized growth rate is
increasing by 18.29% per year.


In the end, New York Stock Exchange is the largest
stock market in the world. After that, NASDAQ which is fastest growing stock
exchange in the world and the last TSX, Toronto Stock Exchange is performing
awesome in all over Canada and in top 10 stocks exchange in the world TSX is
one of them. Through this essay I learn so many things, firstly I learn about
three stocks exchange and get to know about how they works. I really enjoyed while
working on this essay. Before I had less knowledge about stock market but now I
know what is going on in stock market and how the works.


History of The Stock Market