Stephen So, early marriage is a child right abuse.

Stephen H. Umemoto (2008) stated that in all the world especially in adult life marriage is the moment of celebration and milestone. Actually it is not, the practice of early marriage cannot be celebrated. Usually early marriage means that girls lose their childhood (p.2). One of the most harmful practices for girls is early marriage, which makes a lot of negative impact on their health. Unicef considers human under eighteen years as children. So, early marriage is a child right abuse. Early marriage should be stopped to achieve a good future for all girls. In this essay, I will discuss the effects of early marriage which include: HIV and other STD, drop out of school, effects on offspring. Early marriage has an effect on HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. This result due to the young girls their vagina is not yet well covered with protective cells or because of hymenal, cervical lacerations. Gonorrhea and herpes simplex virus are types of STDs. Girls who were at a young age have the higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV than other girls. This is a result of unprotected sex, having older sexual partners, and having less information about protecting them self from these diseases (Santhya, K.,2011, p.335)  Drop out of school can be another effect of early marriage. Schools have rules not allow married girls to attend school. They may believe that she will affects on other student behaviors. Even when they allow for her to attend school, school timetables will clash with her duties as wife and mothers at the same time. Early marriage deprives and prevent girls of school age their right to continue the education they need for their personal development, their preparation for adulthood, and their active contribution to the wellbeing of their family and society in the future (UNFPA, 1990, P.11). Drop out of school will affects also on offspring because their mothers don’t have enough knowledge to raising children and give them enough care.Early marriage will affect not only young girls, it is also will affects on offspring, the newborn baby has a higher risk for disease or even death. HIV transmitted from mothers to her children at delivery or during breastfeeding. According to Nawal M. Nour (2006) stated that “Untreated STDs such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and herpes simplex virus infection can have deleterious effects on neonates, such as premature delivery, congenital neonatal infections, and blindness” (p.1647). Also newborn baby often has low weight at birth.In conclusion, there are several effects of early marriage which include: HIV and STD, drop out of school and effects on offspring. The rate of early marriage will continue to increase if we don’t find solutions for this issue. The government should set a rule to not allow girls to marry under eighteen years. It is the responsibility of the whole community to advice people not to marry early.


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