Step Description Key Processes § List the key processes



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Key Processes

List the key processes which are necessary to
continue the identified critical business function.
Describe each process in a single phrase, if
Prioritize these processes – note those that
are the most important.
Note that these processes can include internal
operations as well as operations within other agencies, outside vendors, etc.

Volume of Work

What is the average work volume (e.g., number
of businesses registered, number of audits completed, number of timesheets
entered, etc.) processed by this program?
Does the program have a peak volume or other
critical timeframes?  (e.g., elections
are held in November, payments are processed at the end of the month, etc.)

Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

Identify the RTO for each key process.
RTO is defined as how quickly the process must
be restored following a disaster; this is an estimate of how long the process
can be unavailable.
List the RTO by hours, days or weeks, as
appropriate – decide how long the process could be “down” before you would
have a serious problem functioning.


Where does this critical function occur?  Provide address and directions if
List applicable job titles and contact numbers
of staff responsible for this facility.
List any other facilities necessary for this


Who is the key staff position responsible for
this function?  Provide the job title
and contact information.
List the approximate number of staff involved
in this business function.  List
applicable job titles and contact numbers.
What are the program’s normal work hours?
Provide a description of the function or type
of work key person/ persons perform.

Key Dependencies

What services from within your agency or an
external organization do you need in order to restore this function?
In order to provide this service, what other
resources or information have to be provided?

Manual “Work Around”

Can this function be performed manually, if
If yes, how can this be done and for how long?

Computer Systems

What computer systems/applications are
required to perform this process?

Vital Records

Describe the vital record(s) required and the
location where these records can be found. 
Provide address and directions, if necessary.
Include all types of records – electronic,
paper, microfilm, etc.

Equipment and Office Supplies

Describe the pieces of equipment or supplies
required.  If a purchase is required,
method of payment should be specified.
Describe the location where these items can be
found or acquired.  Provide address and
directions if necessary.


List the agency’s key suppliers which may need
to be contacted in the event of an emergency.
List the key goods or services provided by
these vendors.
List the usual contact information for these
vendors, as well as emergency contact information.
If possible, list the name and contact
information for alternate suppliers/vendors.