STATEMENT high grades throughout my school life. A penchant



:           Kandula Ajay Kumar  

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STUDY                   :          INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 

DEGREE  SOUGHT                                :          MS. 


                                       Right from my school days I
had a liking for basic science. Mathematics was one subject I relished much,
which is reflected by the fact that I scored high grades throughout my school
life. A penchant for problem solving and the fascination for science inspired
by the splendors of engineering facts induced me in the versatile field of
Computer Science. Thus I chose the fastest growing field of Information
Technology as my career option. I was ranked in the top 4% in the State-level
Engineering Entrance Examination taken by more than 2,00,000 students. I have
recently finished my undergraduate program in Information Technology and this
course has fuelled my creativity. I stood among the top 3% of my college and
till now proved my worth and continue to do so in my future studies. I have
worked hard to maintain an approach of expending independent effort in all my
endeavors. Learning my self and sharing my knowledge with others has been most
worthwhile when comprehending a concept. Also, I was ranked in the top 7% with
All India Rank 738 in Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers conducted all over


                                     In the
present ‘Global Village’, computer communications has become all the more
important and enthused me in the field of Computer Networks. Not only America
is the birthplace of my chosen field of study but also nurtured it for it’s
full growth and continuous development due to which I want to specialize in
Networking by pursuing a Master’s program in Information Technology at your
University and put my imagination to work. It is the ideal way for me to gain
the knowledge and skills to stand tall as a computer professional.


and Distributed Computing are the prime areas of my interest. I have
participated in seminars on various topics like ‘Design and Implementation of
Distributed Computing’, ‘Computer Networks’, ‘Networking with Unix’ etc. Again,
my project work of final year was a multi-featured Intranet file transfer
Client Server suite. (Implementation of ‘TFTP’ protocol and ‘Compression’
functionality using Huffman coding). The project gave me an in-depth knowledge
of Networking features and ability to apply object oriented design in my
project. During the graduate program I propose to garner more in-depth, and
expansive knowledge of Advanced Technological developments in computer science
with a special concentration in these fields.



                                     In addition, I have been a member of the student
council for the past three years wherein workshops/seminars, events, festivals
and functions exposed me to a lot of emerging technologies. My managerial and
interpersonal skills developed me as one of the organizers of TechFest “Quest
for Intellectuals”.


feel that graduate study at your university will be the most logical extension
of my academic pursuits and a major step towards achieving my objectives. An
extremely distinguished faculty guides, a milieu replete with academic activity
and a graduate program which blends high quality course work and research
faculties at the cutting edge every sub field are the factors which has
motivated me to choose this program for graduate studies. I believe the program
offered will help me to acquire the versatility needed to reach my full
potential as an engineer. My past work in the area of computer science was
characterized by dichotomy of approaches. The courses that I took in this area
dealt with various operational and tactical issues, I am sure, shall reach to
great heights and achieve the aims and objectives set by your university.


Looking forward for your
valued choice.








Ajay Kumar