Some development which creates bias towards the understanding of

Some people may argued that the implementation at least can solidify and enhance the understanding of people towards the nation, which raise the cognitive level of sense of national identity, so the government should implement this.


   However, the curriculum itself has lots of unclear elements . Till now, the curriculum use a “point to point” method to deliver facts to students, meaning picking some spotlight of each dynasty (e.g. the Prosperity of Zhenguan in Tang Dynasty and AnShi Rebellion). This will broke the linkage of the dynasty if student just study the beginning and the end of the dynasty, and the huge proportion of political development in studying Chinese History will turns out to student’s inadequate understanding towards Chinese History as the study progress over emphasize on ancient political development which creates bias towards the understanding of Chinese History.

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Thus, there is a high degree of incomprehensiveness of the Chinese History curriculum content, as politically sensitive historical events after 1949 will be teach in a brief way, like land reform (1950-1953), Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries (1953-1955), Great Leap Forward (1955-58), Three years Great Famine (1959-62) and Cultural Revolution (1966-1976).

Briefly describe these important modern historical events which will deteriorate the cognitive aspect of national identity as student could not capture the whole picture of Chinese History. 1


    Next, there are issues like shortage of teachers and doubt on the quality of Chinese History teacher brought up during the discussion of implementation. These uncertainties are large enough to create side effects towards student’s understanding and value towards the nation. In extreme ways, this will become a brainwashing section which turns out to be a political propaganda, churn out bookworms that without critical thinking skills and just believe the content provided by the government.


   Also, the implementation may create huge side effects of student’s personal growth. As currently there are 4 core subjects in the HKDSE curriculum, students already found it difficult to manage their time well to handle the HKDSE exam. The implementation will put students into a catch-22 as Chinese History is a subject that full of facts and requires more time to memorize them, which gradually brings more and more pressure towards student’s academic performance, which may hinder their whole-term development (e.g. extra learning activities) throughout secondary school life.


    The predictable negative impact on student’s personal growth and unclear curriculum will have extra adverse effect on students, which is greater than the benefit towards student (enhancing the cognitive aspect of sense of national identity).

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