Social compare to back then when they can only

Social Networks Makes Us A Better

networking is defined as people connect with each other online. Social media
has transcendence through generations as it became a common tool for
communication. People used to send a message through mail or fax and had to
wait for quite some time to receive a reply, whereas now you can send a direct
message through WhatsApp or E-mail without going through that much difficulty.
Having social network has refined our way of living drastically, as it provides
a lot of value crucial in our everyday life. The positive impacts of social
networks on society are easier to communicate, opportunities for business, and
worldwide connectivity.

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of all, social network makes communication much easier. People are able to keep in
touch with their old friends from school or college who were out of touch (Ali,
2012). As people reaches different stages of life, they most likely going to
form new circle of friends. Thus, people who they have made friend from the
past are either forgotten or never kept in touch ever again. However, living in
21st century, people are able to keep up with their life and have
conversation with them online through Facebook and Instagram. Besides, social network
provide us opportunity to connect with people and create better relationships
with friends or love ones whom we are unable to meet personally (Ali, 2012).
For example, couples who are in long distance relationship can now use Skype or
WhatsApp to communicate compare to back then when they can only call each other
through expensive international calls or mails which takes a long time to get a
reply. We are also able to connect with anyone through our smartphones or
laptop (Moreau, 2017). Back then, we always have to rely on our landline,
answering machine, or snail mail to communicate with someone, but in modern
society, we can just chat up with anyone instantly through Twitter, WhatsApp,
or Facebook (Moreau, 2017).

than that, social network creates opportunities for business. There are a
number of customized applications being made on the social platforms, whose
main purpose is to publicize the product or brand (Ali, 2012). As social media
has a wide range of audience, people are able to market their businesses
profitable and less expensive as advertising and promotions costs a lot of
money (Ahmad, 2016). For example, Joe Sugg, a well-known YouTuber, started his
own business solely online because he had a huge amount of subscribers on
YouTuber where he can popularize his business without advertising block and
promotions cost. Social network creates platform for entrepreneurs and
businesses (Moreau, 2017). For instance, anyone and everyone is able to start a
business by opening a social media account and sell their item. They can
connect with their customer by providing customer service, feedback and
providing good quality products to work their way up to success. Other than
that, positive comments and sharing about a company can aid them with sales and
goodwill (Ahmad, 2016). As an example, Squarespace has become all the range
lately as infamous YouTubers are sponsored to give positive feedbacks and
reviews to attract more people to use their server.

social network able to provide worldwide connectivity. Social network can
create awareness and innovate the way an individual live (Ahmad, 2016). For
instance, I was able to gain better understanding about amyotrophic lateral
sclerosis (ALS) through “Ice Bucket Challenge” which went viral in social
media. Not only did I learn more about ALS and donate to the organization, I
was able to spread the message and inspire more people to do the same to lend a
helping hand to the community. Social network are able to deliver news alert
quicker to more people (Agrawal, 2016). In the past, we used to read the news
through newspaper that we get every morning or watch the news channel through
television, but today, we are able to read news from any part of the world
instantly through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Social network
provides users the opportunity to connect with anyone to share or to learn
information (Ahmad, 2016). People are able to read about news or information
based on their preference on social media (Moreau, 2017). For example, we can
‘like and share’ pages that suit our preference and our social feed would
feature similar information for us to perceive. By typing keyword like the word
‘avengers’ on the search bar, we are able to find lot of pages, groups and
peoples who share the mutual interest on this subject.

short, social network has brought a lot of advantages to the society. It
simplifies and make it easy to communicate with one and another, which helps
bring people closer. It provide marketing platform for business, and revamp our
life by making easy access to information through social media. We are
privilege enough to live in the modern society where communication had upgraded
over the decades. Thus, we should cherish the invention made by genius
inventors and use it wisely.


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