Smruti use make you homeless? Research: Approximately 50 percent

Smruti Patel


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Prof. Melissa Ayala

PSY 101

Use and Homeless

Research Question:

How does alcohol use make you homeless?


            Approximately 50 percent of people are homeless and that
is because alcohol problems. During my research, I saw many people discovering
homeless people who used alcohol for more than 5 years. But it is not necessary
to connect the link. Because I think even before alcohol came some people was
already homeless.


            The background research indicates that people become homeless
because of drugs and not alcohol. It is beyond correlation with alcohol and
drug. The research says that they got the same affects and complications
because drugs and alcohol gives same problems to people. Drugs and alcohol,
puts you in worst conditions that changes your economy by wasting money on
wrong stuff rather than your house groceries.

            According to the study of Jacqueline Wiseman in 1960 it
there was not much constellation of state institutions that was there in 1890.  While I was researching I found that in 2004
there were about 250,000 as of three million people were homeless. Some people
had many doubts that this number will increase due to alcohol and drugs. One
problem that all world have is the alcohol and drugs, because that is making
people go homeless and making that population higher. Baltimore, Boston,
New York City, Los Angeles, Portland (Oregon), Milwaukee,
Columbus (Ohio) had the most population of homeless people. Now you might thing
when did this happened, this happened in 1980. 
When students did research they found out that there were about 30% to
50% of homeless people population due to drugs and alcohol. The reason why
people are homeless is because not only guys but ladies also drink and do drugs
that’s what make them become homeless.

persons are hospitalized among with homeless people who are drug addicts. Being
homeless and not having drug or alcohol for long time gives them mental
illness. Research suggests that a minimum of 15-20 percent of homeless people
with alcohol and other drug problems also suffer from psychiatric disorders.
During my research, I found that C. Service Gaps have some information which told
me lots of information. For example, alcohol and drugs prevent problems and
makes more homeless persons.


Results: Mental health diagnosis

            With the help of
my uncle Dr. Patel we did some test on his patients and some homeless people.
First, we did test on 50 patients who drinks alcohol and we found out that 15
patients (30%) were illnesses. Other 35 had schizophrenia. Other people we did
test on who used to do drugs and we found that 10 of 30 (33%) had personality
disorders and other 20 have. On the other side, we did test on 60 homeless
people. We find that (20%) 25 had anxiety disorders. The substance that disorder
wasted was 4(8.4%) besides all the illness. The main thing we noticed for

diagnoses of the HHOT
consumer group was schizophrenia and depression.

and Data:

managed patients were assessed for the substance they abused. 42 of these 146
(77.8%) had used alcohol every day in their life. Also abused the substances
like cannabis 38(70.4%) and amphetamines of 12 (22.2%). Even there were other
substances they abused like, opioids 7 (13.0%) and benezodiazepines,15 (27.8%)
or designer drugs 4 (7.4%). Most important part was when There were lot of
customers that were under the age of 18 using it for the first time in their
life. They were using mostly 95 % of alcohqwel, 88% were cannabis,45%
amphetamines, opiates were 67%, and designer drugs were 54%.                                                                                                                              Dr.
Patel also examined the relationship between substances used and mental health
diagnosis. The substance was named independent variable and diagnoses was named
dependent variable.      The relation
between alcohol use and diagnoses were not important. amphetamine X² (1) = 2.65, p = 0.10, and for cannabis, X² (1) = 0.06, p = 0.81


           In conclusion, a substance abuse
diagnosis is a main problem for homeless customers in united states of America.
Homelessness and drug abused relates to creating medical problems and bad
recovery outcomes. A more important ratio of homeless customers got lifelong physical
health issues and bad mental health that effects their use of substance therefore
their mental health. Homeless customers who has mental problems or substance
addiction problem and that is one of the most exposed and downside of our community.
The two-main thing on the highest popular affair should be mental health and
substance use. However, drug substances addiction problem in homeless customers
are involved. Without no doubt, it is completely sustained that good practical
control and treatment is needed for this cohort.