SECURITYIn information accessible via computers that needs to be

SECURITYIn this world, all of us wants to keep our data safe, free from threats and we don’t want our data to be compromised by intruders.Therefore some mechanism should be introduced to keep our data safe.The first mechanism was Password Protection.A password is a string of characters used to verify the identity of a user during the authentication process. Passwords are typically used in association with a username. It is supposed to be known only to the user and allow that user to gain access to a device, application or website. Passwords vary in size and it can contain letters, numbers and special characters. Password Protection is a security process that protects the information accessible via computers that needs to be protected from certain users.Password Protection allows only the authorised users by their passwords. Passwords ensures the security and confidentiality of data.Passwords earned a great security respect as it protects the data and other information from the unauthorised person before it is declared as not securedPasswords are not as secured as what we think,  because of the following issues1)  Same passwords are often reused for different services   ” If the password gets compromised, unauthorized people can not only get access to that particular service but also to other services “2) Default passwords are not changed immediately, which causes unauthorized people to gain access  ” Default passwords are publicly available in manuals, and they are also easy to guess “3) Same password is in use for a long time  ” If an unauthorized person loots the password, he can keep using it for unauthorized access for long time “4) Passwords are sometimes delivered over unsecured networks, which makes them easy to steal.5) Too weak passwords are often used”  This makes it possible for intruders to guess the password without the need of brute force tools “The above problems have given rise to the birth of Biometric System Security.BIOMETRIC SECURITYThe term “Biometric” is derived from the Greek word “bio” meaning life and “metric” meaning to measure.The fact is that every person is unique and can be identified by his intrinsic or behaviour traits.Biometrics is the measure of people’s unique physical and behavioral  characteristics.This is used for both identification and access control. The basic principle of biometrics is that every person can be accurately identified by his intrinsic physical or behavioral traits.TYPES OF BIOMETRICSThe types of biometrics depends on physiological and behavioral characteristics.Physiological identifiers relates the user getting authenticated include facial recognition,fingerprints, finger geometry, iris recognition, vein recognition, retina recognition, voice recognition and DNA matching.Behavioral identifiers finds the unique way in which the people behave.It includes the recognition of typing patterns, walking style and gestures.BIOMETRICS ADAVANTAGES? No more forgotten or stolen passwords.? Positive and Accurate Information? Highest level of security and Safety? Offers high mobility? Safe and User friendly? Serves as a key that cannot be transferredSOME BIOMETRICS TYPES AREFacial Identification TechnologyFacial biometrics is one of the fastest growing technology of biometrics.With this modern technology, facial recognition system can convert a photograph or a video image into a code that describes