Section 1 ( Chp 1-11 ) :1- Battle at

Section 1 ( Chp 1-11 ) :1- Battle at the RoundHouseCommander Hoseason goes into the Roundhouse to discover Alan and David prepare for the battle to come. A couple of minutes later, the battle begins as the Captain and his men attack Alan, while David watches the back of the Round-House. A couple of men endeavour to separate the back entryway with a fight smash; David fires at them as needs be, harming the Captain in the arm.Meanwhile, Alan has executed Mr. Shuan, and one other sailor. As they sit tight for the second ambush, David tries to keep down his fear. The second strike arrives, and Alan kills a couple of more sailors, while David shoots two aggressors that come in through the inlet window. Alan finishes off his attackers at the principle entryway, and the fight closes with the triumph of Alan and David. This event would fall on the trigger part of the plot graph. The clash of the Round-House is the action centrepiece of the novel. David survives his first battle, and executes no less than one man all the while. This can be seen as a changing for David. He has executed his first man, and has blood gazing him in the face.2- At this point I’m wondering how the friendship between Alan and David will. I want to see how they will travel together and overcome obstacles to achieve their goal. I want to see both of them taking down Ebenezer together in last chapters.3- PPEC (Symbol) :Alan’s Silver button:  This is symbolic of Alan’s guidance. “And wherever ye go and that button, the friends of Alan Breck will come around you,” (Stevenson 77),  by showing the button to people, David is able to find out what Alan’s instructions were, and in a broader sense, it is symbolic of the guidance that Alan gives David throughout the novel.4- QuestionsWhat clan does Alan Breck belong to?Ans: The StewartsWho is David’s father?Ans: Alexander Balfour What does Captain Hoseason intend to do to David?Ans: Sell him into slavery in the CarolinasWhich is Captain Hoseason’s original cabin boy in the novel?Ans: RansomWhich is Alan Breck’s homeland?Ans: AppinSection 2 ( Chp 11-17 ) :1- The Murder GlenureDavid crosses the Linnhe Loch into Appin. Once there, he walks around a side road, flies out of a bush and asks a little group of travellers the best way to Aucharn, where Alan is waiting for David. The travellers wind up being none other than Colin Campbell of Glenure, his legal counselor, and two other men. Glenure begins to address David about his business when he is unexpectedly shot and butchered. David seeks after the executioner, however the executioner surpasses him. Right when David returns to the scene of the murder, the legal counselor blames him for being a helper to the wrongdoing, and David must escape. Alan, who has clearly been angling near to, moves David into a bush. Alan rapidly pushes him away into the forested regions.This event would fall on the rising action part of the plot graph. Once the reader has read until this point and saw how David has a tendency to blunder carelessly into unpleasant conditions, it isn’t extremely amazing that he ends up being charged as an accomplice to Glenure’s murder.2- I personally don’t like it when David was being accused of Glenure’s murder. I mean even chased after the murderer but still was being accused. On the other hand I think that David was completely wrong to suspect Alan for that murder. David isn’t much of a friend if he does not believe Alan.3- PPEC (Setting):This section took place in Scottish Highlands, 1751. It is significance because determines parameters for the characters’ lives and actions. ” the man’s a Whig, nae doubt; but I would never deny he was a good  chieftain to his clan” ( Stevenson 128). We know that it took place in mid 17s so the characters are ignorant about discrimination and clan fighting. That’s why we see two clans  fighting each other and our protagonist David is caught in these fight. 4- QuestionsWho is David’s lawyer?Ans: Mr. RankeillorWhat famous historical person does Alan duel with on the bagpipes?Ans: Robin Oig, the MacgregorWhat clan did the real killer of Colin Campbell of Glenure come from?Ans: The CameronsWhat has Alan apparently been doing during the murder of Glenure?Ans: He was fishing.To what place does David ask directions from a small group of travellers?Ans: He asks a small group of travelers the way to Aucharn.Section 3 ( Chp 17-24 ) :1- David gets mad at AlanAlan bets with Cluny and loses all their cash, including David’s. David is furious that Alan bet it away and he needs to swallow his pride and request it back, and Alan feels regretful for having bet everything away.Alan and David proceed with their climb through the forested areas. David is as yet furious at Alan, who is hopeless, knowing he has done David an off-base. Yet, David is extremely furious, and he can’t force himself to pardon Alan. Alan apologizes, however David stays unpleasant. This event would fall on the climax part of the plot graph. This fight amongst David and Alan is interesting on different levels.  Also, Alan’s immaturity and rash nature have exacted huge harm on David.2- At this point of the novel I was mad at David the most. Alan knew that what he has done is completely wrong and also apologizes. David was ignoring that fact that they both have endured many hardships together and are best friends. Even after Alan apologized David couldn’t bring himself to forgive him which makes me mad at David.3- PPEC (Theme) :LOYALTY AND FRIENDSHIPThe central theme of this section is the friendship amongst Alan and David. In spite of the way that Alan really owes him, since David saved his life on the Covenant, David feels an incredible feeling of dependability to Alan, so he can’t stand to part with him. “… Alan’s kindness and courage in the past, how he had helped and cheered and borne with me…”( Stevenson 178 ). Even when he winds up mad at Alan for losing their cash to Cluny Macpherson, David opposes the impulse to leave Alan.4- QuestionsWhat is the Climax of the book?Ans: The Climax of the book is in chapter 24 when the friendship between David and Alan reaches its most crucial state.What time does Alan wake up David after spending the night on the rock?Ans: Nine in the morning.Why did Alan blame himself of putting both David and himself in Rocks?Ans: Because he take a wrong road in his own country of Appin.After David and Alan eat, what kind of game does Cluny propose?Ans: Gambling.What does David pretend he is about to do to cover for his misbehavior?Ans: He is going to fake that he’s about to die because of his bad health.Section 4 ( Chp 24-30 ) :1- Ebenezer’s defeatDavid, Alan, and Rankeillor go to the House of Shaws. Alan goes up to the entryway alone. He discloses to Ebenezer that they found David after the wreck and clutched him. They are presently holding him for ransom. Ebenezer wouldn’t like to pay for him, so Alan says they’ll execute him. Ebenezer doesn’t need that, so Alan says they should pay him on the off chance that he needs them to keep David alive. Ebenezer wrangles over the cost, conceding in the process that he had initially sent David to wind up plainly a slave in the Carolinas.At that point, Rankeillor and David uncover themselves. Ebenezer is stunned, and stays confused. David is to get 66% of the yearly Shaws salary, while Ebenezer keeps the other third and the domain. This occasion would fall on the determination part of the plot diagram. This is noteworthy on the grounds that Ebenezer is vanquished, in a to a great degree fitting path, as he is bamboozled, comparably as he more than once cheated David.2-  The ending of the novel was satisfying because I desperately wanted to see David defeat his uncle. All the bad things he has done to David makes me hate him. David was finally able bring down his wicked Uncle which makes the ending good, at least for me.3- PPEC (Characterization): Alan Breck StewartUnlike David, Alan does not change altogether over the span of Kidnapped. His essential part is to fill in as a sort of guide for David, both through the wilds of Scotland and through the trials of turning into a man. ” “David!” he cried. “Are ye daft? I cannae draw upon ye, David. It’s fair murder.”” ( Stevenson 177) . Even when David get mad at him at challenged him to a duel, he refused. He shows David how to get by in the wild, how to survive a fight. Alan Breck is the most intriguing character in Kidnapped, and the person who most adds to its courageous nature.4- QuestionsWhat is the name of the family living in Balquhidder?Ans: The name of the family living in Balquhidder is McLaren.How long does David spend in bed?Ans: David spend Over a week in bed.What does Rankeillor discover he has forgotten on the way to meet Alan?Ans: His glasses.Where does Alan tell Ebenezer he is from?Ans: Alan tell Ebenezer that he is from Near Mull.Where does Ebenezer admit he sent David to become a slave?Ans: Ebenezer admit that he sent David to become a slave in The Carolinas.