Secondly, a British expedition under Admiral Sir William Penn

the history of Jamaica is fascinating. Everyone knows Columbus founded Jamaica
in 1494, but some don’t know that Columbus found Jamaica on his second voyage,
“he had heard something during his first voyage, and on Saturday, May 3rd,
1494, he changed his course and sailed in the direction indicated” (Gardner,
1971). After Columbus founded Jamaica, in 1509, Jamaica was taken by the
Spanish under a license from Columbus’s son. A lot of the Arawak community died
from the exposure to the European diseases. African slaves brought in to work
on the sugar plantations. Sadly, In 1655 a British expedition under
Admiral Sir William Penn and General Robert Venables captured
Jamaica and began banishing the Spanish, a task that was successful within five
years. However, a lot of the Spaniards’ escaped slaves had formed communities
in the highlands, and increasing numbers also escaped from British
plantations. The slaves that got freed by the Spanish are known as
Maroons. In 1833 Parliament passed the Slavery Abolition Act. The
Slavery Abolition act gave all slaves in the British Empire
their freedom. The British government paid compensation to the slave
owners. Finally, after years and years, Jamaican became independent within
Britsh Commonwealth with Alexander Bustamante as prime minister in 1962. June
24th, Kingstone Jamaica was founded. I previously said that Jamaica was hit by
a hurricane called Gilbert which was in 1988. 25% of Jamaica had no money, lots
family and struggled to survive. It took more than 300 million dollars to get
Jamaica back on its feet. In 2010 – Dozens are killed in operation to
arrest drug lord Christopher “Dudus” Coke. He is extradited to the US,
sentenced and jailed. 2012 January – On taking up the office, Mrs.Miller
said that 50 years after Jamaica got its independence from Britain, it was time
for the country to break with the British monarchy and become a republic. In
February 2015, Parliament decriminalized the possession of small quantities of
cannabis for personal use. The law also permits the use of marijuana for
religious, medical and scientific purposes.