Reflection as it provided more detailed diagnostic information about


How does each system of marking (based on the rubric used) help you to grade each essay?

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Based on the rubric that I used, each system of marking has a different method of marking that helped me to grade the essays. Each system of marking has their own characteristics that helped me to give a score for the essay that the students composed. For holistic scoring, it is simpler because the mark is given as a whole using the rubric that I used. I just need to read the essays and give a global score to the essays written (which can be in form of percentage or letter grade). While analytic scoring, it needs me to evaluating the students work by breaking it down into a few elements and allocated the ratio of the available marks to each of the elements. I need to read the answer then allocated the marks to each of the elements that were assessed, and then summed up all of the scores in each element to derive the total score of the essay. However, both scoring methods have their own benefits, holistic scoring is less time consuming and less expensive whereas analytic scoring provided more detail information about the student’s strengths and weaknesses in various areas. I think both scorings helped a lot in term of assessing and evaluating the essay.


Which of the two marking systems (i.e. holistic and analytic) is convenient to be executed? Why?

I think both of the marking systems is convenient enough to be used because both have their own advantages and disadvantages to the students and also to the rater. The holistic marking system is suitable if the rater needs to marking a huge group of students, the rater cannot be used the analytic marking system because it will consume the time to marking the essays. Analytic scoring is also good as it provided more detailed diagnostic information about students’ strengths and weaknesses in various skill areas.  However, among the two marking systems, I personally think that holistic marking is more convenient to be executed. This is because holistic marking emphasis more on what can the learner demonstrate or show rather than what the students cannot do. Holistic marking view the essay as a whole rather than the sum of its parts or elements, holistic scoring emphasizes the need for having rater evaluate an essay in terms of its overall impression. Other than that, holistic marking also can save time as it minimizes the number of decisions raters make in marking. With holistic marking, it is more practical because of it relatively fast and easy even though it has low reliability than analytic marking.


Which of the two marking systems (i.e. holistic and analytic) is more reflective of student’s true performance? Why?

I personally think analytic marking system is more reflective towards the student’s true performance because analytic scoring gives more detail and useful feedback on areas of strength and weakness toward what the students have composed. The marking is more detail and it helps to point out the detail that the holistic scoring cannot provide. In analytic scoring, the raters are more observable and have high measurable skills in marking the essay as a whole. The rater will first score the separate elements and then combine that score of each element to produce a total score. The rater will evaluate the student’s ability along with the elements that were assessed, such as organization, content, development, use of language, and then calculate the total score. This types of scoring are more helpful in term of detail, it provides a diagnostic of the students and the criterion can be weighted to reflect the relative importance of each element. Analytical scoring seems to help both the teachers and students, it identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses as well as the learning needs. It also provides more information about the student’s performance than the single score of a holistic rating and permits a profile of the areas of language ability that are rated.



In conclusion, marking with rubrics seems to be more reliable than marking without one. As we can see, using holistic marking system can give reliable marks but using analytic marking system provides more reliable marks. However, both marking have their benefits and blockage.