Recalling all member states to provide an extended residency

Recalling its resolutions 2332 (2016), 2139 (2014), 2165 (2014), 2268 (2016), 2328 (2016),Recalling the convention and the protocol of the Status of Refugees, which took place in 1951 and 1967Further reaffirming the necessity of reaching an agreement to aid the citizens, respecting their rights and provide a life-saving support,Reiterating its call on all the parties to allow humanitarian organizations a rapid and safe access throughout Syria, as provided for in its relevant resolutions,Concerned at the decline in convoy approvals by the Syrian authorities, among other continuing and growing impediments to the delivery of humanitarian assistance across conflict lines, Requests aid and supply convoys from the World Food Programme, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and other related U.N. branches to reinstate said envoys;Encourages private funding to Non-Governmental Organizations (N.G.O.s) operating on Syria in order to double humanitarian efforts to minimize war effects and secure medical, education and reconstruction efforts;Encourages all member states to provide an extended residency permit to the Syrian refugees;Calls for every state to improve and cooperate on the access for refugees of:Public health systemfree educationJob opportunities;Endorses MEDCs to cooperate in this issue by:Receiving and giving refugees a residence permitCreating and establishing refugee camps providing life saving supports such us:shelterFood and waterHealthSanitationProvide special funds to organizations and countries that provide help to refugees;Further recommends member states to make a check procedure every six months on infrastructure, sanitation and facilities;Requests for the necessity of security and privacy for doctors, teachers and volunteers working at the refugees camps;Calls for each member states to have an integrity program for the population so citizens have a better and respecting attitude towards refugees;Further invites all member states the creation of a international or national program to help integrate refugees into the society, this program will include:Easy access to the resident permit to graduate and professional refugees,Income support to the refugees families the first three months for self – sufficiency while accessing into the labour market,Free public education for the kids;Calls on all parties to tolerate, honour and guard all volunteers and humanitarian workers, by securing all their equipment and this will ensure that all the food and medical supplies will go to the refugees;Request member states with refugees camps to implement some careless services such us rehabilitation, special care for those with mental illnesses and also language and culture classes on each specific host countries;Decides to remain actively seized on the matter.