Rationale subjects under a track of their choosing (DepEd,

Rationale of the Study
 Teaching and Learning are
two aspects of the process called Education. Education is a
multi-faceted concept with various connotations to different people. According
to Scribd (yyyy)i1 ,
“Education is the sum of the qualities acquired through individual maturation
and social training” (p.1). To be able to succeed, education is the very vital
tool that is use in the contemporary world. It is one of the most important
thing because it lessens most of the challenges people faced in life. It open
doors to a lot of opportunities for better vision in career growth when we
obtain through education. To be able to attain right grade in education, there are certain
things that must do through the learning process. Community Education Portal (2017),i2 

               It’s i3 been
two years since the Philippines conducted an implementation of Senior High
School Department. According to Malcolm X (2014), “Education is our passport to
the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”(p.1) Hence, education is one of the most important thing for an
individual in order to equip himself for global competition. The implementation
of Senior High School (K-12 Program) in the Philippines drag negative reactions
from various groups. Senior High School covers the last two years of the K to
12 program and includes Grades 11 and 12. In Senior High School Program,
students will undergo core curriculum and subjects under a track of their
choosing (DepEd,
xxxx)i4 .

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              International School for
Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM)-Cebu Campus is a world class
training center where dedication and close ties to the hospitality industry are
the hallmarks of teaching and learning. It is owned, developed and managed by
men and women who are top international hotel professionals. Chef Norbert
Gandler, is the ISCAHM owner or founder. Chef Norbert is an Austrian chef, who
contributes his learnings and experience for aspiring chefs, not just in Cebu,
but all ISCAHM here in the Philippines. Together, they bring to the classroom
the expertise and business savvy that will provide students with comprehensive
theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience, as stated in their
site. ISCAHM-Cebu Campus also conducted Senior High School, they open a track
which is Cookery and Bread and Pastry Production, they give opportunities for students
who loves to cook and bake.

              In July 2012, the
International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) opened its
Cebu Campus in the prime city of Cebu located at Synergies IT Center along F.
Cabahug Street in Kasambagan, Cebu City and offers both diploma and short
courses as well. But last 2015, ISCAHM-Cebu conducted Senior High School
program, ISCAHM SHS will guide the students in the right direction for them to
have easy start on their dream to become a Chef. It helps the young aspiring
chefs to be molded and prepared for employment opportunities or continues
culinary training upon graduating.

           International School for
Culinary Arts & Hotel Management has been in the education industry for
five years. Likewise, the institution’s Senior High School Program has just
been implemented two years ago. The implementation of the K-12 program provided
an opportunity for ISCAHM to build and start its Senior High School Program
that would cater students pursuing Tech-Voch track. That is why we need to know
the competency level of a school in conducting Senior High School because it is
new in our society, and it is important because education is a tool in life. This
study aims to know the competency level of ISCAHM-Cebu Campus Faculty in
teaching Senior High School students.