people by project manager to be appointed by Gulg

people cooperate.Concerning soft skills, Communication at friendly level helps to solve problems quickly and one becomes aware of cultural influence easily. The project manager must listen to other members with patience and keep regular interaction with them for understanding their individual behavior. The project manager who could not learn the manner of communicating effectively with team members will experience issues related to project failure (Stogdill, 2008). Further the person hired as project manager of Gulg Plc need to be competent to build strong business relations. Personal development plan by project manager could arouse the team members to work competently and strengthen communication among them (Henry, 2009). These skills and competencies must be overcome by project manager to be appointed by Gulg Plc. for expanding business activities all over the world and conduct meetings related to goal on every quarter.Concerning project management skills, a project manager must exercise proper hard skills for achieving objectives of project. Gulg Plc. must hire people with knowledge of software’s like SAP or ERP as manager of project of diversifying business activities globally as this software aligns and coordinates tasks of different team members together. By using email, Skype, text messages, blogging communication process can be improved by managers and thus knowledge of these tools are important for project manager. He must be efficient planner and evade any type of quarrels or finger pointing in case of any bad situation. Further the person who can manage deliverable of the project must be employed for the concerned project of Gulg Plc. Computerization process might be applied by project manager or batching process which can modify tasks into deliverables. Further the project manager must execute a mobile work style for the team members to get the preferred outcomes of making business operations of Gulg Plc. operational at a global scale. Further the project managers must focus on performance management by way of unofficial dialogs in unstructured way with team members at different places. 3. GIVEN THE NATURE OF THIS TEAM