Pancreatic to access it. The biliscreen app uses the

Pancreatic cancer is a fatal disease which
when not detected and treated early can cause death. The disease has a survival
rate of about 9% after five years and has one of the worst survival rates
amongst all forms of known cancer. Fortunately, researchers at the University
of Washington have developed an app which could prove to be a game changer in
the field of health. BiliScreen is an app that analyzes the whites of your eyes
with the aim of detecting pancreatic cancer at its initial stages. Additionally,
the BiliScreen app is able to detect jaundice.

The technology behind the app uses computer
vision algorithms and machine learning to estimate a person’s bilirubin level
in the white part of the eye before it is visible to humans. The number of
people who have access to smartphones is on the rise each year. I choose this
app since it has the potential to save numerous lives by detecting cancer in
its early stages and it is easy to use; by just taking a selfie, the app is
able to produce an estimate of a person’s bilirubin level which in turn is used
to determine if a person is suffering from pancreatic cancer. Moreover, the app
will create worldwide awareness of the benefits of early cancer screening and
anyone with a smart phone will be able to access it. The biliscreen app uses
the inbuilt camera of a smartphone to snap photos of the eye and a machine
learning algorithm performs the diagnosis. Aside from diagnosing pancreatic cancer,
the Biliscreen app can be used to monitor bilirubin levels of patients with the

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 As at
the year 2017, apps from retail businesses had taken up to 27 percent of
consumer’s time, which sheds light on how significant a mobile app can be to
reaching your customers whenever they are active online. As one grows old, the odd
of getting pancreatic cancer increases. Biliscreen app targets adults over the
age of 45 years since they are the ones more at risk of getting pancreatic cancer.
Additionally, People who smoke cigarette are at risk of getting pancreatic


Alterations can be made to the Biliscreen
app to make it more effective in detecting pancreatic cancer. Currently, the
app user is required to use a special box to block out light from other
sources. This can be improved on by designing special eyeglasses that control
lighting conditions and aid in the calibration of colours. It is highly
unlikely that an app can perform accurate medical diagnosis based on the inbuilt
camera of the smartphone and machine-based algorithm. Connecting the app to
medical institutions where findings from it are sent to the hospital for
further scrutiny will enable the proper diagnosis to be made. While visiting a
doctor is an important option for sound medical information, people may
substitute it with the app for medical information. This is not advisable since
the app is in no way a doctor

The Biliscreen app is one indication of
technological milestones being achieved throughout the world. Blood tests can
only be carried out by a healthcare expert when patients are already showing
symptoms of pancreatic cancer. This is not the case with the Biliscreen app
which can correctly detect pancreatic cancer in time thereby increasing the
chance of survival.