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It is impossible to read Isaac Asimov’s, “Nightfall,” without an open mind. The nature of the text would be more than impossible to comprehend. The constant comparison of Night (dark) and Light (sun) , symbolises good vs evil or just to create contraversey between the different beliefs of people, scientists and cultist.

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In the text, science and religion have been used to show having different impacts on people of Lagash, creating an array of uncertainity and disbeilef in their minds. Asimov created science fiction that focused on people and the social and historical changes that affected them and their moral decisions.Those who are religious in the story, symbolic of primitive instinct, believe that darkness occurs once every 2050 years at which time, “stars”, unlike those commonly known to reality, come out and take the souls of the people, according to the Book Of Revalations.
The presence of light for such an extensive period of time only results in a short period of devastation on the planet. 
Light in this case, could be a metaphor for realistic society and the foundations of our civilization. Oil for example, is the basis for life today. Without oil, humanity would not be able to function in any capacity near the way it does now. This shows the importance and the impact light has on the people of Lagash.

Contradiction in the views of scientist are quite evident, which furthers the plot of convincing people of Lagash that the cultist were right after all. The overall theme of the story, is the overall comparison betweens science and religion which consumes minds, creating a questions one of such could be, should peoples fear of the unknown overshadow their already present knowledge? The text dramatizes significance of the darkness as it sets in demonstrating that this side of the people of Lagash have no knowledge about the existence and how to tackle the darkness. It makes it seem that science and religion are both absolute in their thinking. Hence, one cannot exist without the other, as one needs the other to disprove facts and the show the difference between mythology and reality. It is the part of the human create theories we cannot comprehend.