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It was a regular night out with friends for Joe. He was always the designated driver because he did not drink alcohol. After leaving one of the popular bars in Nairobi Joe and his 4 friends started the journey home at around 11pm. Shortly after they were on the road, the unexpected happened. A drunk driver drifted onto Joe’s lane and when he swerved to avoid it, Joe’s car entered a large ditch on the opposite side. 
People tend to think that having a designated driver is the only way to protect themselves as well as the people around them. Just like Joe, many sober drivers can be put in harm’s way by drunk drivers, or bad luck could just occur and sober drivers can cause accidents as well. Having insurance in Kenya is highly advisable because it allows for some semblance of protection even on the roads of Nairobi designed mostly for tough drivers. 
Car insurance is important to protect your vehicle. It covers the car in case of any dents and scratches and even bigger damages to the car. Including a written off car. Some policies allow for the insured party to get a courtesy car so that they can go about their day as the insurance company either fixes or gives a payout for the damaged car. This insurance is important but it is not the only insurance that can protect drivers. Replacing or fixing cars without insurance can go up to millions. With fixing ranging from Sh2,000 to Sh30,000 or more depending on damages while buying a car costs Sh400,000 on the lower side ranging upwards to over Sh1,000,000.
Accident insurance covers damages that occur in an accident. This is beneficial because it covers both your car and the other car in the accident, especially if it was your mistake that caused the accident. This means you do not have to dip into your savings for a small dent you caused while you were absent minded in traffic. Medical insurance is also important in the event that you are injured in the accident. This will allow you to go to hospital ad receive treatment even if you were unprepared for this occurrence. Another important insurance to get before an accident is theft insurance. Anyone who has been in an accident knows how thieves often take advantage of the confusion and large crowd to get away with stealing belongings. Theft insurance can protect your belongings if this happens. 
As you acquire your insurance policy, you should understand your insurance valuation. This is the part of the policy that stipulates the amount the insurance company is responsible for in the case that the insured event comes to be. This will allow you to know your insurance benefits and know what will be covered by the insurance company and what will have to be covered by you as an individual. However, the better the insurance policy you take out, the rarer the chances that you have to spend any individual cash.
Passenger Liability is crucial. Joe had this cover so him and his friends were taken care of. He was not liable for anything because he had taken out insurance for this reason. Joe was responsible enough to understand that he would have people in his car often and he chose to protect not only himself, but all those around him as well. 
People tend to think that you cannot protect yourself from an accident, however, this is far from the truth. Getting insured is important for both your and others safety. For more information, click (insert link here).

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