One global warming accelerates the natural growth of green

of the major problems that world is facing today is Global warming. “Global
warming occurs when carbon dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants and
greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar
radiation that have bounced off the earth’s surface” (MacMillan). Further he added,
“normally, this radiation would escape into space—but these pollutants, which
can last for years to centuries in the atmosphere, trap the heat and cause the
planet to get hotter. That’s what’s known as the greenhouse effect” (MacMillan).
Global warming is co related to climate change. The increased global
temperature in last five decades is so alarming that this issue can hardly be
overlooked or avoided (MacMillan). Global warming leads to climate change that
causes disturbance in the normal course of life of all the living beings on the
earth. However, a section of scientists also thinks that we are still far away
from the catastrophic consequence of global warming and climate change. Is global warming making our lives
uninhabitable on earth? This article will unfold whether the global warming
is threatening our planet or we still safe.

            According to a research by a section
of British scientist, it is said that the pace of global warming and climate
change is much slower than it used to be a decade ago due to the widespread use
of renewable source of energy around the globe (Bodkin).  According to Matt Ridley’s “The Spectator”, more
people die because of cold weather rather than heat waves across the world. Global
warming is causing the temperature rise in few cold countries and winter is
becoming shorter which results in fewer winter deaths (Ridely). High
temperature rises the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere which causes
more precipitation in dry areas of the world. Thus. global warming is reducing
the number of droughts in some part of the world (Ridely). On the other hand,
precipitation and the increase amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere due
to global warming accelerates the natural growth of green plants (Ridely). It
is argued that global warming will significantly affect the poor and tropical
nations. However, due to global warming tropical regions are getting more precipitation
which is making the lands fertile for harvesting crops and declining the number
of famines (Ridely). Are these points strong enough to defend the fact that
global warming is not a threat for us yet? To understand this fact, we need
look over the other side of the coin too.

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            It is important to know the reasons
of the global warming before we know the impact of global warming on our planet.
Both natural and manmade causes are responsible for global warming. The natural
causes are volcanic eruptions, variation in solar radiation, movement of
crustal plates, El Niño-Southern
Oscillation (ENSO) (“Natural causes of climate change”). We can not prevent
these causes since we do not have any authority upon mother nature. Manmade
causes of global warming are much more severe than any of the natural causes.
Green house effect is a manmade cause which is regarded as the main reason of
global warming. “The greenhouse effect is
the trapping of the sun’s heat in the atmosphere of a planet by gases in that
atmosphere. It’s called the greenhouse effect because it has a lot in common
with how the glass of a greenhouse traps heat inside: heat can get into the
greenhouse, but has more trouble leaving” (“What
is the Greenhouse Effect? – Definition & Impact”). Human activities like burning
fossil fuels, deforestation, increasing livestock farming, using chemical
fertilizers, CFC are rapidly effecting earth’s climate by releasing enormous
amount of green house gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous
oxide, fluorinated gases (“Causes of climate change”). “CO2 is the greenhouse
gas most commonly produced by human activities and it is responsible for 64% of
man-made global warming. Its concentration in the atmosphere is currently 40%
higher than it was when industrialisation began” (“Causes of Climate change”).

            Global warming leads to extreme
weather condition. Due to the global warming the number of natural calamities
around the globe has increased significantly. Temperature rise in the
atmosphere causes imbalance between the pressure which leads to many dreadful
disasters, cyclones, floods, heavy rainfall, wild fire. land collapse and so
on. Deforestation and higher temperature are causing droughts in several parts
of the world (“Global Warming is Already Affecting Weather”). Any type of
natural calamity causes a huge loss of life and property. Tsunami in Japan and
Asia, Hurricanes in Central America are the result of global warming. Due to global
warming wet areas are getting wetter and dry areas are getting drier. Extremely
warm weather is reducing the number of clod days in warm regions and creating
longer time span between drought and rainfall (“Global Warming is Already
Affecting Weather”). Heavy rainfall results in severe flood and drought results
in loss of harvesting crops and dries out water.

            Global warming pollutes the air.
Burning fossil fuels, exhaust from vehicles, factories and industries, mining
releases a large amount of green gases in the atmosphere which are responsible
for global arming (“Causes of air pollution”). These green house gases are
depleting ozone layers and allowing more UV-rays to get into our atmosphere
that causes skin cancer (“Effects of air pollution”). Breathing in polluted air
is leading millions of people including children to death causing respiratory
heart syndrome, cancer, asthma, pneumonia (“Effects of air pollution”). Extreme
heat due to global warming causes thousands of people to death every year in
Europe, Africa, Middle-East and South Asia and breaks out many unknown diseases
(“Climate change and health”).

            Global warming is a threat to our
oceans and marine biodiversity (Denchak). Ocean acidification is a result of
global warming. A large portion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is absorbed
by the ocean. Therefore, more emission causes more carbon dioxide to get
absorbed by the ocean water. Since carbon dioxide is an acidic gas, it reacts
with ocean water crates carbonic acid which decreases the pH of the ocean water
and makes it acidic (Barker and Ridgwell). “As this acidification accelerates,
it poses a serious threat to underwater life, particularly creatures with
calcium carbonate shells or skeletons, including mollusks, crabs, and corals. This
can have a huge impact on shellfisheries” (Denchak). In this way ocean
acidification may lead seafood business and coastal economy to heavy losses.
Coastal fishermen and tourism business will be affected badly due to global

            Higher sea levels are the result of
global warming. “Two major mechanisms are causing sea level to rise. First,
shrinking land ice, such as mountain glaciers and polar ice sheets, is
releasing water into the oceans. Second, as ocean temperatures rise, the warmer
water expands” (“Sea Level”). Global warming is causing temperature rise in
both poles of the earth faster than any other part of the world. “By 2100, it’s
estimated our oceans will be one to four feet higher, threatening coastal
systems and low-lying areas, including entire island nations and the world’s
largest cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and Miami as well as Mumbai,
Sydney, and Rio de Janeiro” (Denchak). Rising sea level is dangerous for the
coastal communities and their property since it easily damages the natural
protections by strong and higher tides and heavy storm (“Sea level”). Rising
level will also causes the scarcity of freshwater since it will get
contaminated with groundwater and may submerge many sources of freshwater (“Sea

            From the discussion made above, we
can clearly imagine that the consequence of global warming will be devastating.
Global warming is a threat to the extinction of human race on earth. Therefore,
to make this earth inhabitable for us we have to take proper measures to stop
global warming. By reducing the emission of green house gases and burning
fossil fuels. planting more and more tress, preserving forests, using the
renewable sources of energy, destroying nuclear weapons, avoiding war between
the nations we can go a large extent to stop global warming at some extent. The
leaders of the developing countries should come forward to help those countries
affecting badly because of global warming. They should reduce the amount of
carbon emission as soon as possible. Though it’s not possible to stop global
warming fully, its pace can be slowed down by creating awareness among the
people across the world.