On October 22, 1844, Saint Boniface, Winnipeg he was

On November 16, 1885, in Regina Louis David Riel executed(hang) by the government (John Alexander Macdonald). The government executed him because of Louis Riel’s resistance against Canadian encroachment on Métis lands. During the night of nov. 15th and the early hours of 16th Louis Riel wrote one last letter to his mother. At 8:00 am Louis Riel climbed the stairs to the scaffold for his execution. On Dec. 9 his body returned to his mother house for 2 days.Louis Riel born October 22, 1844, Saint Boniface, Winnipeg he was the first child of Louis Riel Sr. and Julie Lagimodière. He had 5 brothers (Elie Riel, Charles Riel, Philomène Riel, Joseph Riel, Alexander Riel) and 6 sisters (Octavie Riel, Eulalie Riel, Marie Riel, Sara Riel, Henriette Riel, Marguerite Riel) his parents were Louis Riel Sr., Julie Lagimodière. When the Canadian government bought Rupert’s Land and the North-Western Territory the Métis were afraid that they would lose their rights. If they had their own government it would be easier to keep their way of life so they choose Louis Riel. Louis David Riel was a leader of two rebellions against the government. what Louis Riel trying to do was preserve Métis right, culture and their homelands. He was the founder of Manitoba his first resistance was the red river. In 1869, the Métis revolted against the transfer of their territories from the Hudson’s Bay Company to the Dominion of Canada, and Louis Riel was their leader.what Metis people wanted were That they have the right to elect their own legislature. That the legislature has the power to pass all laws local to the territory. That a portion of the public lands be appropriated to the benefit of schools, the building of bridges, roads and public buildings. That the English and French languages be common in the legislature and courts and that all public documents and acts of the legislature be published in both languages. That the judges of the Supreme Court speak the French and English languages. Those treaties are concluded and ratified between the Dominion Government and the several tribes of Indians in the territory to ensure peace on the frontier. That they have fair and full representation in the Canadian parliament. That all privileges, customs and usages existing at the time of the transfer be respected.On April 28, 1881, Louis Riel married Marguerite Monet. He had 3 children Jean-Louis Riel, Angélique Riel and the third one is unknown because he/she died while riel was awaiting execution. Louis Riel survived by Julie Lagimodière, Marguerite Monet, Jean-Louis Riel, Angélique Riel, Alexandre riel, Octavie Riel, Eulalie Riel, Marie Riel, Joseph Riel, Henriette Riel, Marguerite Boucher. That means Elie Riel (he born on 1845 and died 1845, 1 day), Charles Riel (1854-1876), Philomène Riel (1847-1848), Sara Riel (1848-1883), Louis Riel Sr. (1817-1864), Marguerite Frappier (died in 1840), Jean-Baptiste Lagimodiere ,Marie-Anne Gaboury ,Jean-Baptiste Riel, Marie-Antoine Henault, Louis Boucher , Montagnaise Chipewyan, Jean-Baptiste Joseph Lagimodiere, Marie Josephte Jarret, Charles Gaboury, Marie Anne Tessier, Jean-Baptiste Riel and so many other people from his family died before Louis David Riel.Some people say Louis Riel is a villain and his biggest miscalculation was the execution of Thomas Scott and that’s why he forced to exile. That’s true the reason for his exile was the execution of Thomas Scott. But in my opinion the statement “he was a villain because Thomas Scott” is false because Thomas Scott was one of the people of a group that attacked Fort Garry several of them arrested, Riel let most of them go if they promise to leave the valley, all of them did except Thomas Scott he threatened to kill riel so metis voted to execute Scott and Riel went along with their decision. So that means it’s not Louis Riel fault. It’s true that he was a leader of 2 rebellions. Also, that’s true that he just wanted to defend himself and people around him (Metis). So, in my opinion, we can’t say that he is a villain if the government would have kept their promises towards metis, gave them deeds for their land and did not send people where metis live, nothing will happen. Again that means none of these issues is Louis Riel fault. Any attack or anything Louis Riel did had a reason, for example, the attack of Louis Riel to government had the reason it was because Louis Riel and Metis were not receiving supplies that they were promised.