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On the way to train students how to use Color Coding method effectively, the second steps are let them truly understand what they were chosen and highlighted, and also thoroughly use the selected information to serve the purpose of learning or reviewing of each student. Students are stimulated to develop a hierarchical structure for the information in their mind by gathering various highlighted keywords, ideas. In addition, by using many colors to bold key ideas, it is easier to categorize information into groups that have similar structures, features or following the same logic with the other information, especially in studying for exams. When solving questions related to the highlighted information, readers will have visual clues guiding their revision come exam time. From a depth of processing perspective, deciding of what is worth and what is not may lead students to recognize key points and the significance of the content, such as, a sentence or a word that sums up important ideas; important statistic data; or example of the main topic; and so on forth. Carole, Benjamin, Nate, and Elizabeth (2014) stated that students are trained in using Color Coding method would perform better not only in test performance but also in class’s activities, or lectures than students who do not receive such training. Learners are required to make the connection between those highlighted keywords, ideas in one part or one session to understand the main ideas of that paragraph/ part. Thereafter, by recognizing the relationship of all parts can help readers to understand along with memorizing the structure and the connection of each part in the text without re – read the entire text again. This stage serves to improve the process of encoding, the efficiency of acquisition rises with the familiarity of the content. For this reason, many works are encouraged to do at the same times with reading the text: find and highlight the significant textual data, explain the reason of choosing those highlighted keywords, phrases, or sentences, and also create a hierarchy structure based on all chosen information; students had no more choice than highly concentrating in the text. So that, it leads the knowledge processed deeper and more evaluative level than unintentionally reading the passages.