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No plagiarism detectedGoal:
To control the spread of disease Malaria in the city of Hyderabad District.
To reduce the morbidity and mortality from the disease of Malaria by 50% in one year 2018.
To minimize the risk of Malaria below 3% prevalence during current year 2018.
To increase awareness and practice of Malaria control and prevention in the community by the end of year 2018.
The following activities have been year marked for the achievement of the proposed objectives.
1. Community mobilization and Planning.
2. Training of (LHWs and community based volunteers) to serve as educators on the use of (LLINs).
3. Public education by engaging local FM stations, information van and film shows on the importance of malaria prevention and control.
4. Distribution of IE&C materials to facilitate education on the subject matter in the communities.
5. Collaborate with DHMT to distribute LLINs to beneficiaries.
6. Collaborate with the health facilities Incharges/Staff in the district to educate outdoor patients of Malaria.
7. Quarterly planning and review meetings
Monitoring and Evaluation Plan:
Monitoring and evaluation shall be a joint responsibility of DHMT and partners. Data collection system will be designed and implemented. Collaborative and mutually accepted M&E Plan showing targets for process, output, outcome and impact indicators will be developed within the first month of project implementation. Quarterly progress reports will summarise implementation progress, provide achievements towards expected outcomes, list major breakthroughs and identify key constraints. The end of project performance report will provide up to-date summary of progress contained in the quarterly reports and identify challenges and success stories, providing revised target for the year.
Quarterly planning and review sessions will be instituted to allow for all stakeholders including DHMTs to monitor progress, review actions and determine gaps for corrections. This will assist in tracking outcomes, output and challenges of the project. The Quarterly Planning session will assess the progress of work for effective implementation. Lessons and learning generated during the implementation will facilitate vital decision making for better result.
The Community Based volunteers (CBV) will generate monthly report to main office. Office staff will then prepare quarterly reports and disseminate to the DHMT and other stakeholders. As part of the verification of the report and for first hand information, a team from main office will undertake periodic field support visits to project communities.
Objectives Indicators
Promotion of the use of LLINs -Number of LLINs materials received
– Number of LLINs materials treated and type.
-Percentage of Population sleeping under an LLIN the previous night.
– Number of LLIN materials distributed
– Number of LLIN materials treated and type
– Number of LLIN materials not treated and type.
Promotion of malaria prevention -Number of LHWs and CBVs trained
-Number of EI&C materials on malaria received and type
-Number of home based messages received and type
Monitoring and supervision -Number of monthly monitoring reports available
-Number of quarterly meetings held and reports generated
Expected budgeting of the Project:
Cost Category Rate in Rs Number Duration Miscellaneous Expenses in Rs Total in Rs
Project Coordinator
Finance & Admin. Officer

1 Each
1 year Travel and Transport
Bank Charges etc. Cost about 25000Rs Each Month
2.CBV 20000 20 1 year Communication Cost 2000 Each per CBV 5280000
3.Office running Expenses, Rent, Stationary etc.
1 year
Quarterly planning and review meeting expenses10000 Quarterly
4.Community mobilization and Planning

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20 meetings Each Month
1 year
5.Training of LHWs and CBVs
At the start of Project
Once in 1 year
6.Public education on malaria prevention, Distribution of IE&C materials

1 year
Awareness sessions at Health Facilities where ever required 5000 Each Month
7.Collaborate with DHMT to distribute LLINs
1 year
Total 515000 24 1 year 72500 8705000


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