NEW music from virus affected websites to avoid malware

NEW DELHI, June 21, 2018: The Music Jockey also known as MJ is a one of its kind music app for ardent music
lovers. Silicone, the smart phone company owning a wide range of smart phones
introduced this inbuilt music app along with Kay Labs for the limited edition. MJ
will be available in the limited edition of Silicone in the model Silicone
Music Series also known as SMS.


What makes this MJ a unique music
app, is that it is inbuilt in SMS with unlimited range and genres of songs and
videos. The USP of the app is that you can download the on-day release music at
very low cost ranges from Rs. 50. When you want to delete the particular music,
the money is refundable.

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The Silicone Music Series also
includes inbuilt playlist collection along with MJ app and avoids you to download
music from virus affected websites to avoid malware or any cyber attacks. MJ is
a highly secured music app which not only gives you the perks of music and
videos but also makes you cyber secured to a great extent.


“Owing to the massive
layer of enthusiasm of blankets, the entire nation is personified by
music. That is precisely why we came up with this exclusive idea,” said, Ajay
Rana, CEO of Silicone.


“The music app not only offers
an immersive experience that takes you right into the paradise of music,
but also you can have a video interaction with the singers if you are the
highest in downloading the music of a particular singer. This will be disclosed
after the closing of this limited edition SMS of Silicone”, expressed, Abhijit
Sinha, Product Manager, Kay Labs.


PRICE OF SS3: Rs. 17,000 only

AVAILABILITY: offline and online



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Established in the year 2013, Silicone
is emerging very fast among the other handset companies in India. Headquarted
in New Delhi, the company has offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad. It has
demonstrated a rapid and robust expansion since its inception, with sustained
profitability and high sales growth since the very initial year of operations. Silicone
has a wide range of product portfolio encompassing tablets, feature phones and
smart phones with various models in bar and touch form factor at multiple price
points to satisfy all segments of customers. Silicone has a complete in-house
R&D and product testing in India.