needed EPS for made light weight concrete.(Jayasinghe, Fonseka,

needed and cost for reinforcement is
reduced. But we have to do experiment when we are using for load bearing objective
because there can be failures. So it’s needed to get the knowledge about the properties
of the EPS.

When we get the light weight panels it
have popup as building sub-systems, as result of several factors, when wall
panels haven’t the function of load bearing. According to peeped factors, the light
weight concrete panels design is based in new requirements. Those are the speed
of projects and technological change, the flexibility to change the design and
getting space, complexity of service allowed and aesthetic requirements of
houses, small elements give more space for structure, the need for sound insulation
of partitions, higher environmental life-cycle performance and optimal
life-cycle costs.(Addis & Schouten, 2004)

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2.1 Expanded Polystyrene Sheets

With the over exploitation of resources
it is most important to use alternative material. So that for that we can use
waste material as EPS for made light weight concrete.(Jayasinghe, Fonseka, & Abeygunawardhene, 2016) EPS has the packaging and insulation properties and those are also
the advantages or concrete panels. Those can be natural form or modified form. When
we get the structure of the EPS bed. It consists 98% air and rest of the 2% is
polystyrene and it has spherical shape particles (diameter 1mm-8mm) which have closed
structure.(Aciu, Manea, Molnar, & Jumate, 2015) Density is also very low which is about 20-30 Kg/m3. Because
of that light weight concrete panels has the ability not to absorbing water. So
that those can be use as ultra-lightweight aggregate.(Ferrándiz-Mas, Bond, García-Alcocel,
& Cheeseman, 2014)

Considering all those properties of EPS
we can identify many advantages that is added to the light weight concrete. EPS
is non-biodegradable material so that it is a most efficiency way to disposing EPS
by making concrete. EPS has been a major environmental pollutant because it
doesn’t disposal in naturally. So it is very important to recycle and reuse of
EPS. Heat treatment process can be used to improve the properties of EPS.(Kan & Demirbo?a, 2009)

The EPS ratios in the samples of a research
determined as 20%, 40%, 60% and 80% of the total volume. When EPS ratios and
resin ratios of the samples have increased, the density, thermal conductivity,
compressive strength and tensile strength decreased, and the porosity have
increased. Results obtained from the research