My When our bodies are in sync, we become

My philosophical journey on health

Being healthy is not just about the physical aspects like eating better and getting exercise – it is about all aspects of health: body, mind and spirit. Life is a system and all parts need alignment. In the rapidly evolving environment, where the rate of change is faster than ever, the quality of human health has dropped. As an aspiring health coach, my mission is to empower and guide willing individuals to a healthy and happy life.

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To start with, we are all unique and everyone has different nutritional needs. If some foods are nutrient to one, then for another it may be poisonous. The world of nutrition and health is constantly changing and evolving. There are hundreds of diets: diet pills, diet foods, ever?changing health trends, nutrition plans and health experts who are preaching their ideologies. This overwhelming amount of information often misleading, leads to total confusion for most. I strongly believe that there is not one perfect way of eating or exercising that works for everyone. Therefore, it is very important to get to know your body and really understand it. Based on these experiences this led me to begin my journey to wellness.

With this in mind, one must experience well?being from a holistic perspective. All of the components of health must be in balance. Physical, mental and spiritual health are all connected. Supporting one supports the others. Psychological studies show that the mind and body are in total alignment. For example, as one’s mental health declines then physical health can wear down vs. if one’s physical health declines it can make one feel mentally depressed (American psychology association, 2005). Living a balanced healthy life can be very simple. Following the simple steps, like eating healthy foods, staying hydrated, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep helps to maintain healthy body weight, prevent diseases and health problems, give more energy and promote general well?being. Feeling good and healthy makes one happier and supports positive thinking, which in turn nourishes our body successfully. After all, our body and daily functions must be treated with the utmost importance. When our bodies are in sync, we become more forgiving and positive, grateful, compassionate, kinder and less judgmental. We can see that taking care of all aspects of ourselves will increase the likelihood of reaching our maximum health potential.

Becoming a nutrition consultant gives me opportunity to help people. I have had interest in healthy lifestyles since childhood. This now has grown into a true passion. As the obesity rate is increasing globally, people’s well-being is suffering as a result of societies evolution. I am wanting to guide and help others in this growing industry. It is satisfying to help somebody accomplish their biggest dysfunctions and transform into a highly functional human being. Nutritionist profession gives me ability to be the change in the world I wish to see and feel better about myself.

After all, it is important to remember that everyone’s body is different and we all have special qualities. All the aspects of health – body, mind and spirit, needs to be taken care of equally to ensure one’s optimal health. As a health coach, my objective is to guide an individual back to the basics, give nutritional advice and inspire to take steps towards healthier life choices and create sustainable results.