My tropical climate. As the warm ocean water evaporates

My event takes place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an American territory that lies within the Caribbean Sea. As an American territory, the people of Puerto Rico speak the languages of Spanish and English. On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria, a category 4, struck the minuscule island. During Hurricane Maria, nature reserves, state forests, and wildlife were severely damaged, which cost Puerto Rico millions of dollars to clean up. Recently, the officials have opened twelve nature reserves back up to the public four months after Hurricane Maria (Press). In geography class, we talked about how humans have an influence on the environment. Puerto Rico has “34 nature reserves, 20 state forests, and five wildlife refuges” (Press) all because there are some people in the world who like to take care of the environment we live in and animals, who share the living space. The reason why the Department of Natural Resources is cleaning up the chaos Hurricane Maria left because nature reserves protect the diversity in nature. Nature reserves keep the natural balance in our ecosystem because they preserve both plants and animals. With the ever-growing problem of deforestation and environmental damage occurring lately, Puerto Rico could not afford to lose these valuable nature reserves. In class, we also mentioned how the tectonic plates rub against each other which causes natural disasters, such as earthquakes. An earthquake in the ocean can then cause a tsunami. These problems come naturally to countries that lie near fault lines.  In addition, Puerto Rico is likely to get more hurricanes in the future due to their tropical climate. As the warm ocean water evaporates into the air, it begins to rapidly cool.  Thus, huge cumulonimbus clouds form. Lastly, strong winds blow these clouds in the same direction, creating a hurricane. Hurricane Maria was a category 4, so when it hit Puerto Rico, it was devastating for the people who lost power, food, and water for numerous days. The animals were also affected from the lack of natural resources. The Citizens of Puerto Rico helped reshape their environment back by cleaning up debris, saving wildlife, and preserving nature after the hurricane. After reading the article, it proved to me how nature reserves are important to Puerto Rico and to the public. Without this, children would not be able to learn about the wildlife and realize how they are important to the world. Without the nature reserves, the ecosystem would soon be gone because of the fact that there are many plant factories that takes up so much land, take away habitats, and, in this case, nature reserves. Fortunately, 12 out of 34 nature reserves opened back up to the public, and hopefully, all of the nature reserves, state forests, and the wildlife refuges are all back to where they were before. BibliographyPress, Associated. “Puerto Rico Reopens 12 Nature Reserves, Refuges after Maria.”The Washington Post, WP Company, 18 Jan. 2018,