My likewise, his strong commitment to a higher education

father and my mother inspire me, motivate me and shape me into who I am today.

They are my towers of strength. They guide and give me the power to battle
obstacles in life. Who I am today, and who I will become in the future
definitely involve the full support and the full love of my parents. The people
I always call mother and father have made me dedicated and have turned me into
a strong fighter of my own war of life. They are not the most famous people in
the world, however, they are just special ordinary people that make me believe
in myself and make me believe that I will be somebody.

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            My father became my leading
exemplar of my education. His hard work led him to become a Math outstanding
student during the French Colony in Cambodia and graduated from high school
with a good grade, and likewise, his strong commitment to a higher education
made him achieve scholarship domestically and internationally. My father,
directly and indirectly, convinces me to not give up on my education and always
inspires me to even pursue the higher one. His study journey shows me if my
father can do it during one of the most difficult times back then, so I will
definitely do it during this time. Being one of the youngest sons in his
family, he was told to drop out of school so many times regarding the lack of
financial support. Among all of his siblings, however, he was the only one who
refused to follow and worked his tail off to get some money for his family
while studying at the same time. All of his hard work for education and his achievement
inspire me so much, that made me study extremely hard during my high school.

The motivation from his study journey gave me strengths that I end up becoming
a Math outstanding student, graduating with Grade A and getting a scholarship
for my undergraduate degree.