My are among the best in the country. I

My decision to pursue a
career in engineering is mainly due to the fact that the world future concerns
mainly will be about energy. Growing up in a developing country makes me realize
a glimpse of some of the concerns and problems that we may have in the future about
all aspects of energy, despite the great potential we have.

        So, I wanted to specialize in all
subjects of energy engineering and started to take steps in building my
knowledge. I enrolled in mechanical engineering department in Cairo University
and studied a group of inspiring subjects in thermo-fluid science, and energy
related topics like power plants, combustion processes, machines, Air
conditioning and renewable energy sources. 
In my graduation project, I started to study energy in buildings and we
had to visit many hospitals in Cairo to study energy management system in the
whole building. In my MSc thesis, I worked with gas turbines and now drafting a
manuscript reporting our findings about gas turbines blade cooling for journal
submission. So, I decided to make my next step in PhD continue in the same

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        I think research topics of  DR MIROSLAVA KAVGIC perfectly suits my strong
desire to specialize in energy engineering field and will give me a wealth of
experience that can help me make a great contribution in utilizing our great
potential in my country.

        I believe traveling abroad is an excellent
opportunity for me to broaden my horizon, enrich my culture, work in a high
diversity environment and enhance my engineering knowledge.
My teamwork, self-management, organization, time management
skills and the ability to learn new things will enable me to add value to your
university as much as the benefit I will gain.

        I am very aware of the outstanding
reputation of your university, and my conversations with several of your graduates
have served to deepen my interest to work in your research groups. I know that,
in addition to your excellent faculty, your research facilities are among the
best in the country. I hope you will give me the privilege of continuing my
studies at your fine institution. It
will be my honor to work with you