MSc. performance management that are generally considered congenial are

MSc. Policing Policy and


Managing Justice and
Security Organisations

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Artefact 2


Briefing Report to Senior Management – What are the benefits, and disbenefits, of
contemporary approaches to police performance management in
your organisation?  To what extent does the approach adopted meet
stakeholders expectations?  Provide recommendations for change.


Submission Date 14th April 2014


Word Count: 3269 Words









Executive Summary


This report examines
the advantages and disadvantages of contemporary performance management
approaches within the police service and more specifically Greater Manchester
Police (GMP). Initially, consideration is given to the history of performance
management in policing and the public sector, from where the current landscape
is examined, considering the political and social arrangements and the impact
these have on performance management.


From there, the current
setting for GMP is considered, paying attention to the role of the PCC and
current priorities set for GMP, and how they impact on the policing models
utilised within GMP. Key stakeholders are considered to ensure their needs are
addressed by the performance management techniques employed by GMP.


The report next focuses
on strengths and weaknesses of traditional and more cutting edge methods of
performance measurement and management, the differences between outcomes and
outputs and the importance of understanding this, the possibility of data
manipulation, the need for consistent priorities and reliable and easily
interpreted measures and the importance of staff morale and social equity. From
this evidence, aspects of performance management that are generally considered
congenial are summarised.


This report concludes
that despite the various limitations of traditional performance management, a
well designed model of performance management, using quantitative and
qualitative measures to address the broad work of a Community Policing model
from a holistic, systemic position, can only be of benefit to GMP. In the most
part, this is in place within GMP, but makes recommendations for


with IAGs during planning of performance management.Trial use
of Key Informant Networks (KINs) to support qualitative measures.Facilitate partnership agencies
management of performance.A protocol for accepting
essential changes in the Police and Crime Plan. A staff workshop/forum to allow
staff consultation.