Money life. Imagine a father who is constantly working

Money Essay How does the world classify someone as rich? As Colonel Potter once said in an episode of MASH “A poor person with a family is a rich man”. So is the man with all the money they could ask for actually rich? The principles of money can bring the good out in a person, but it can also bring out the bad.When money brings out the bad in a person they don’t realize that money can’t buy happiness. People will do anything for money, which is why greed and money related crime is such a problem in our society. Lastly money can ruin relationships and break apart families.    Money is a useful thing, it can buy essentials like clothes food and water. This was the reason money was invented. When someone buys what they want, the person who sold that to them earns that money, and can buy whatever they may need. The concept of the system was great, but over time people started thinking that money is what makes them happy. Yes, being financially stable is satisfying, but the misconception is, living in luxury is the key to a happy life. Imagine a father who is constantly working and never home but buys his wife and kids nice things. These things will keep them content for a little while but they will soon miss their relationship with him. This goes to show money can’t buy happiness. A good saying from Jim Carrey is “I wish people could become rich and famous and buy anything they want to and see it’s not the answer” In relation to people thinking money can buy happiness. Money also makes people greedy. The hunger for more and more is always there, and people will go to great lengths to get it. We have all got the call from a telemarketer asking us for are credit card information or to transfer them money for something we didn’t do. These telemarketers are targeting the people unaware of the danger, especially older people. That’s just one scam. A greedy person could end up selling drugs or robbing stores and banks, only for money.Besides money causing greed, money causes problems in families and relationships. When someone in a family passes away their belongings and money is passed down to children, grandchildren, or other relatives. Now when this happens everybody might not get the same thing, which seems unfair (this ties into being greedy) and since not everybody got the same thing they might get mad at each other, and then there might be fighting. Another thing that can ruin a relationship is things like overspending, gambling or being in debt. Money is a part of our daily lives. It is something we will never be away from.This why we need to learn to manage our money, and spend it properly. We also need to stay away from getting the wrong message from money or becoming greedy. Since money is always there we can’t let it ruin relationships either.     


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