Mohamed an associate professor for women’s studies, says, “The

Mohamed Cissao


January, 16-2018

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English 102


Are research papers
considered as a waste of time?



                     A research paper is
considered as an expanded essay that shows your own point of view or argument
on a specific topic. It is based on the collection of information from
different sources, and it includes what you know and has thought about a
specific topic. By some people, a research paper is seen as a waste of time
because of the time and the bunch of information needed to be accomplished to
get the work done. Actually, by some other people, it is a way to develop or to
think about a subject, and by gathering information, it is possible to be aware
and even learn new stuff. I think research papers help to understand divers
problems and to have an opinion on a topic. It develops a critical thinking
which is a great skill.  It, then, seems
necessary to show that research papers are not a waste of time.


                           First of all, a
research paper is a deep analysis of a subject. It helps to learn when
gathering information which is fundamental. As Will Fitzhugh, the founder of
The Concord Review, says, “To make knowledge, which is the foundation of
learning, it is necessary to apply thought to information, to think about the
facts that have been gathered, and this is work only an individual can
do.” In other words, will brings out the usefulness of the human brain
which allows humans to think and conceive ideas. Generally, the more you make
research about a subject, the more you learn.


                                 Secondly, it
is easy, nowadays, to get information thanks to the Internet. However, the
skills developed during a research paper has a big importance. A research paper
that does not contains critical thinking is not called properly a research
paper. And this is how it is possible to develop those skills. The research is
based on the author’s own thought and ideas supported by information from
different sources. Courtney Young, an associate professor for women’s studies,
says, “The end product does not need to be a research paper, but the
concepts of inquiry and critical thinking are still needed as the foundation of
an essay or group presentation.” Skills gathered during a research can be
a resource for an entire life as well as it helps improving writing skills,
critical thinking, and the ability to develop ideas.


                               In conclusion, a
research paper is seen as a waste of time by some people, when it is considered
a resource for some other people. Life is all about researching and learning,
and when someone writes a research paper he collects information which he will
be able to use somehow in the future. Mainly, it is not only about the
research, but the way thoughts are organized logically and in a coherent manner
makes it interesting until the results get shared with other people. It requires
a lot of time and efforts and I think the more time to give to a project the
more you learn. On the other side, I do not see research papers as a waste but
just a way to develop basic skills for an entire life.


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