Mayonnaise,a In addition, Mayonnaise can also be used in

spread or a condiment that is commonly used by every people in the continents.With
a mixture of oil , Egg yolks, vinegar of lemon juice, you can now create your
own Mayonnaise. However, you will take 700 kilocalories in each 100 grams that
you will take. Having this characteristics makes Mayonnaise a food with a lot
of calories. Not only that, it also has a chance to cause Salmonella because of
the ingredient, egg.


Mayonnaise contain main
elements like Carbon(C) Hydrogen(H) Nitrogen(N) Oxygen(O), while elements found
in a very small amount are Sodium(Na) and Chlorine(Cl).It takes up about 7% to
8% of water while 6% in the percentage of the egg yolks. In addition,
Mayonnaise can also be used in your hair. Egg yolk, which contains Lecithin
that encourages hair growth, while the ingredient vinegar exfoliates the scalp.
Mayonnaise is about 40% more oil which is way too much for an average person to
consume. Hence, it can cause a lot of health hazards for the human body. There
was no record that Mayonnaise was once used as a seed germinator. But it’s
effect on human body are causing a lot of illnesses like artery clogging, since
it contains 70%-80% fat. In addition, Egg-free versions are available for people
who has egg allergies. Furthermore, Soya or Pea Protein was now being used for
alternatives in Lecithin in Egg yolk as an emulsifier to make the droplets of
water stabilized. Today, Mayonnaise is currently used as a condiment or a hair
giving nutrients gel.

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Capsicum annuum, a perennial
plant but often being cultivated and applying the usage of annual in temperate
areas. It has a lot of branches, measuring up about to 75 cm. Often having a
lot of branches. The leaves are having the shape of lanceolate. The small
flowers measuring around  1.5 cm. Colors
can be white or purple. Fruits are having a lot of seed. Colors of red, orange,
green, yellow and purple are starting to show when ripened.


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