Marx’s what emerges is the contrast between the landlords

theory of alienation describes the negative effects of living in a society that
is divided in terms of social classes. He views this alienation as leading to
estrangement of a person from their humanity. Marx sees the society as composed
of two classes, the landlords and the landless. The landless have to work and
they are viewed as a commodity. In the process of production in a capitalist
system, the workers inevitably lose the ability to determine their destiny and
life because he is deprived of the right to think (Wharton, 2015). This worker
does not dictate any activities and does not set goals as the bourgeoisies set
the goals because they own the means of production as they seek to extract the
maximum amount of surplus value from the worker.

the article Does Race Still Matter? Ten great minority entrepreneurs weigh in on
affirmative action, the old boys’ network, and whether to sell out by Brian Dumaine; Maggie Overfelt; Sakina
Spruell; Jason Tanz; David Whitford (2003) what emerges is the contrast between
the landlords and the capitalist, albeit with a tone of race added into the
mix. However, the core of the subject is that it is very hard to move from a
worker to an owner of capital because various social restrictions exist to
prevent fluid movement from one stratum to another just like Marx had outlined.

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Piercing the ‘bamboo ceiling’ by Anne
Fischer (2005), she examines the reason why there are few Asian Americans in
the top leadership of top American companies. As it emerges, some cultural
aspects keep the Asians on the side of the workers and hinder them from moving
into the stratum of the bourgeoisie. She gives the example of Asians being
taught to put the interests of the community first before theirs. The
overriding idea is that one is either a worker or a landlord and all the
workers are commodities that for the use by the landlords. As it emerges from
this article, some cultural beliefs and traditions can confine a community to
the side of the pool of workers and thereby, as commodities for the landlords
as Marx had argued.

the website (2018), one of the issues being explored is that of
the poor immigration framework that President Donald Trump is introducing in
America. As it emerges from the article, is that the bad immigration laws are a
means of keeping one group on the lower strata, thereby condemning them into a
lifetime of being workers with little possibility of being owners of capital,
just like Marx had outlined.

also find that Marx’s theory applies to my work experience because I find that
the places I have worked for have had different cultures but almost all of them
are geared towards maximizing profits for the owners of the companies. For
example, I found out that by working overtimes, although I would get an extra
pay, the top executives and the owners would be making enormous amounts of
money due to the additional hours that I put in. In other words, I would not be
involved in making any goals for the organization nor would I even dictate the
wages I would receive for the overtimes; the owners of the company would do
that and every time, they would make more money for every additional dollar that
I made.


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