Martian The people living in the Martian Base will

Martian Base


        The Martian Base is
another colony which will be made on the surface of Mars. This Martian Base
will be made in the Northern Part of Mars. This colony plays an important role
in the life of the humans. This structure too will be made of Bakelite,
Toughened Glass, and Aluminum. Many
productive activities will take place in the Martian Base like growing of
crops, sustain people and make Mars habitable.

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        The Martian Base will
make the sure that the space colony will survive well and act as a support to
the colony. It will be made in the Northern Hemisphere of Mars because the
Northern Hemisphere contains more water and can sustain life with ease. The
disadvantage of choosing this spot is that it the Northern Hemisphere is not magnetized, the Southern is magnetized.

        The people living in
the Martian Base will grow crops on the soil, outside the colony, for the first
couple of years, not for consumption, but for the development of the atmosphere
of Mars, which is 100 times thinner than Earth’s and mainly consists of 95%
Carbon Dioxide, 2.7% Nitrogen and trace quantities of other gases.

        The soil on Mars
contains all the minerals of the Earth soil
but contains heavy metals, like Lead and Arsenic in higher quantities. Crops
will be grown for the first few years in the soil outside the Martian Base, so
the atmosphere will become a little thicker and consist mainly of Oxygen and
decrease the heavy metal component
present in the soil.

        Electricity will be
produced with the help of solar panels while during the day, and run with the wind
energy, produced by dust storms on the surface of Mars during the night. The
Martian Base will be covered with solar panels to increase the light that can
be captured by the solar panels.

        There will be a
hemisphere in the middle connected to four other smaller hemispheres. The big
middle dome is where all the residential activities take place. The amount of
population that can be accommodated in the Martian Base will be around 200
residents. The upper dome will be the chamber for the rearing of animals, the bottom one for controlling the whole
colony, the one on the left for industrial purposes, and the one on the right
for servicing of spacecraft and accepting
the empty water tanks from the main colony.

        The middle hemisphere or the Residential Layer will have a
radius of 0.5 kilometers. In this one
kilometer of land, up to 200 people can live and complete all the activities
that they do in a day.


        Mining on Mars will
take place in the nearby area. Many
people will be involved in this activity. Studies have proven that the minerals
on Mars are three times better than the ones found on Earth. Most of the
minerals will be found underground, so mining must be made to collect them. The
Major ores found on Mars is that of Aluminum, Chromium, Magnesium, Titanium,
and Iron. Other ores that are found in
trace quantities are that of Lithium, Europium, Gold, Tungsten, and Nickel.

        Aluminum will be used
in the building of the space colony, as it will have to be mixed with Bakelite
and Toughened Glass.

        Chromium will be used
in the manufacture of stainless steels and in the
polishing of mirrors. It can be used as a material to block the dust
storms down on the surface of Mars.

        The magnesium compounds
like milk of magnesia, Epsom Salt, its chloride,
and citrate will all be very useful in the production of cures to

        Titanium is an
important alloying agent. It is mixed with Aluminum and Iron to make space
crafts and missiles, thanks to its property of being able to withstand high

        Iron is one of the most
used metal, because of its low cost, and high strength. It will be used to make
steel and helps in the making of aircrafts, and other important structures.

        Lithium is one of the
most important elements that can be used
to make Li-ion Batteries. Lithium Carbonate can also cure extreme depressions
and stabilize wild mood swings.

        Europium is an element
which has the tendency to attract neutrons, it is being used in nuclear
reactors. Europium oxide is used for making television screens.

        Gold is a shiny, metal
which can be easily molded into shapes.
It is also used in dentistry because it
is inert and non-allergic. This makes it
the choice for many industries.

        Tungsten is a tough transition
metal which has the highest melting and boiling point making it ideal for the
high-temperature industries like arc-welding electrodes, heating elements in
high-temperature furnaces, and filaments in bulbs.

        Nickel is a
non-corrosive, non-allergic material which is mixed with titanium, and silver
to make Nitico, a strong alloy that can
be easily flexed but comes back to its
original shape.

        Water on Mars will be
found on the Northern Pole of Mars in the solid state, that is ice. This ice
will be blasted to chunks with dynamite
and collected back the Martian Base. In the Industrial sector, it will be
melted and purified with the help of Scrubbers, Tailing and Settling Ponds, and
Hydroxide Precipitation. Manned missions of four people on the team go with
enough dynamite to get enough chunks of ice.