Many Rights, and The Articles of Confederation. These also

Many documents played roles in drafting the Constitution. These include the Magna carta, The English Bill of Rights, and The Articles of Confederation. These also gave leeway to the subsequent addition of The Bill of Rights. These were all significant in the draft of 1787.The Magna Carta was widely held to be the peoples claim of rights against an opposite ruler an often biased legacy that captured Americans distrust that concentrated political power. The state declarations as well as of the U.S Bill of Rights included manny guarantees that were understood to descend from rights protected by Magna Carta.  The Magna Carta had much effectiveness in being the first constitution written in how it kept people happy and the rulers under control. This gave leeway into how the constitution was written with the checks and balances in place to make sure not one place in charge had too much power. The Magna Carta also said ¨no freeman shall be imprisoned or dispossessed except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land¨ which is clause 39 we also have a statement saying we must have lawful judgement before being prosecuted. The Americans looked to the Magna Carta as a model for the demand of liberty from the english crown it is most relevant in The Bill of Rights and also the 5th amendment which is idolized too clause 39. The English Bill of Rights was enacted by English Parliament and signed into their law by King William lll in 1689. This was enacted by tye repeated abuses of power by King James Il during his reign..The English Bill of Rights was a document protecting the rights of citizens and stating that parliamentary elections should be held regularly. The U.S. Constitution used many ideas in the English Bill of Rights like Habeas Corpus which was the idea that no person could be held in prison without being charged with a specific crime first. Also the right to trial by jury , another is the allowance to carry or bear arms. It gave people essential rights and limited the king’s power. Most of the ideas sighted from the English Bill of Rights can be found in our Bill of Rights. Many people believe that the English Bill of Rights and the the Bill of Rights are the same when in fact the English version was made to stop overuse of power. But the american version is what we made so it over use of power would happen and we could prevent it that’s where the constitution comes in in prevent the overuse of power. The Constitution is the original document used to show what we as Americans have as rights and what we don’t have as far as breaking the laws.The Articles of Confederation had influenced by being the first national government in the U.S. to be established. The Articles created a loose confederation of sovereign states and a weak central government leaving most of the power to the states government. They decided they needed a stronger federal government and led to the constitutional convention. And the Articles got replaced by the Constitution. This set up the first rules for the newly independent colonies, but the states were regulating the trade and commerce so the government didn’t have enough power leaving it so in each state a certain amount of money meant different. And since the states printed a lot of money the money wasn’t backed up by gold so the money lost its value. The writers of The Articles learned from their mistakes and when they wrote The Constitution they made changes getting their stronger centralized government and people still had rights and to be ruled by the people. Also the power was divided into branches so no one person could have all the power and the president the head of the people and the congress and the supreme court. When the Articles could not control the states power and many cases in court were fought and inconclusive because of trade and commerce problems in how they couldn’t control it.In conclusion there were many documents in different roles of developing the constitution. These included The Magna Carta which played a role in developing the rights for the constitution. The English Bill of Rights which played a role in power and how it was possessed in different parts of government. And lastly The Articles of Confederation which showed how not to control the government and how to fix it to create The Constitution.