Many are aspiring to achieve the “bagel girl” meaning

          Many South
Koreans obsess about “beauty standards” in Asia due to the fact that plastic
surgery is considered “common” in high-ranking procedures used by women and
men.  South Korea has one ideal of beauty includes a small face and slim
chin/jaw line (“V-shape) enlarged eyes with double eyelids, slender yet
high-bridge nose (Seoul). Is South Korea’s beauty standards unattainable?

Despite the negative feedback regarding that South Korea has an unhealthy
“infatuation”, the county’s plastic surgery is highly respected. The majority
of the citizens view the concept as a worthwhile investment, and not a sign of
vanity (Seoul). There has been plentiful of women, and sometimes men, with the
same mentality that surgery will tip the scales in their favor both in the
workplace and in their love lives, Sarah Zheng explained. She continues to
elaborate for women to be proficient, it is regard to be just as beautiful as
their skills. Dealing with the aftermath of the Korean economic crisis in 1997,
it is a challenge for employment led to surgery becoming popular; people are
trying to have an extra advantage in their career fields (Marx). 

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Both the men and women ideal physical appearance
is fueled by K-POP stars such as; SHINee, Girls’Generation, and Gangnam Style
(China). The women are aspiring to achieve the “bagel girl” meaning baby-faced
and glamour; a woman whose face looks very young but a sexy body (China). In
2016, over ninety-one percent of people have vocalized their complaints
directed towards the plastic surgery providers and female subjects (Dong) Women
risk becoming infected, nerve damage, and even going into septic shock to
appear more attractive in society and/or appeal to the male gaze (Seoul).
Hyon-Ho Shin, he is in charge of the malpractice branch as the Korean lawyer
association. Shin informed there were eighty per cent “ghost doctors” among the
hospital performing operations on people, and not certified in their field.
These cause the negative outcome on clients such as; bleeding, infection,
hematoma, and facial nerve palsy (Marx).

In February 2015, the government of South Korea
confirmed to give series of security to prevent illegal operation and ensure
health and safety for feigners (Tai). Since the government is hyping up the
industry of cosmetic procedures as it can. Henceforth, they have taken on the
responsibility to take care of tourist who are the major source of their
revenue (OIS). Today’s Korean women have a preference towards petite, toned
body, and youthful features over material and domestic femininity (Seoul).
These ladies believed cosmetic surgery symbolizes prosperity and claimed it
will bring forth education, marriage, and career (Seoul). Hyon-Ho Shin
explained that people are aware of the risk factors faced with anything surgery
relating (Marx). Hailey Kim high school student in Korea declared” There is
nothing wrong with accepting yourself or changing yourself to be happy(Stone).
Whatever you decide to do, people will always judge you, but they can only
bring you down if you let them (Stone)”.  At the moment Kim too is saving
up for her upcoming operation (Stone).

Technology has made plastic surgery affordable,
safer, and better than ever before. South Korean is a progressive nation, and
the shifting nature of the attitude towards physical appearance like the
economy. The continuation to economic growth and wealth will likely weaken as
the economy matures. The pressure on beauty may diminish on the men and women