Lots more closely the related differences in the individual’s

Lots of
definition of temperament and personality development have been discussed by
psychologist and scientist. Research from behavioural genetics and development
psychology studied the trait approach and how it is different among people,
such as, emotional stability or sadness or disband more closely the related
differences in the individual’s environment. In respond to the problem, does
sharing a family environment has an impact to similarities in personalities?
And what are the theories said about the effects on human nature. According to
Sandra Scarr and Kathleen McCartney, the theory of genotype environment
correlation. Genes and environment are constituents in the development system,
however, they had different roles. To clarify the research will consider the
personality development, genes, environment, the big five personality traits
and correlation and interaction of genes and environment.


environment has a certain impact on children life and what genre of personality
characteristics they develop. If parents or families were very conflicted and
the child got into many arguments and differences, the child would become
secluded as he grows older. However, there was no significant evidence about
sharing family environment or the environment effectiveness to any traits. But,
personality development has been relied on both genetic and environment, that
is why people can be grown from the genetic and the environment differences.

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It can be seen in the model of environments and genotypes which represent
the behavioural development of the child’s phenotype (Pc), or
special features. Is a part of child’s genotype (Gc) and the
environment (Ec). A controversy occurred on that point. The parent’s
genotype (Gp) defined the child’s genotype. As in many developmental
theories cooperation between any organism and environment can be occur as well
as they were characterized by the correlation between both of phenotype and
rearing environment. Despite the research of the correlation was mysterious.
The model illustrate that the child’s genotype affected by both of rearing
environment and the child’s phenotype. Because of that the correlation is a
function of the genotype.