Learning try to keep in mind the VAK model

is like absorbing anything new which a person don’t know already and after
absorbing making it as a part of our believe and then stick to it until we
reveal anything more new. Learning is always a continuous process. It not only
happens in classroom only we learn at every part of our life and the one who
learn is the one who evolve. Learning is an internal activity and a key personal development skill.
Therefore, it is not something that can be directly observed in others.
However, the results of learning can be observed, which is why assessment is
such a crucial part of the teaching and learning process (CICTL Resource). As every person has its own
thinking capacity in the same manner every person has its own learning pattern.
Some learn by watching others, some learn by just hearing instructions from
others and some don’t learn unless and until they do it by their own hand. So
it is the foremost task of every teacher to understand the learning model as
well as learning level of his/her student. A teacher should be well aware of
all the strategies he/she may use in accordance to his lesson as one strategy
is not always the best one for every topic. Being a mathematics teacher I
always try to keep in mind the VAK model during my lesson so that I may engage
my every student and get maximum output. I do change my strategies in
accordance with the topic which also not let my students getting bore. Before
this course I mostly start-up my lesson with brainstorming questions which was
not that much effective then I came across the KWL activity (i.e K what
students already know about the topic we going to start, W what they want to
learn about it and L what they have learnt during the lesson about it. The L
part is filled at the end of the lesson as the Assessment of Learning part of
the lesson) which is no doubt is a very good activity to share the objectives
of lesson and making the students mind for the concepts they are going to
learn. It also ignite the wind of challenge in students which ultimately help
them to become focused. Before this course I was not aware of this strategy but
as I have observed its benefits so now I do use it in my maximum lessons.