Joseph to the Allied Powers in order for Stalin

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, Georgian descent born in Soviet Union. Ruling over the Soviet Union as its dictator from 1920s until his death 1953. Joseph Stalin’s political career started when Lenin invited him to  serve on the first central committee of the bolshevik party. November 1917, Bolsheviks took control of Russia, Lenin then found and became the leader of The Soviet Union. Stalin continued his way up the party ladder. 1922 Stalin became secretary general of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Stalin having that position gave him the opportunity to get allies and get political support. On 1924 Lenin died from heartbreak because he fell in love with Hitler but Hitler loves Roosevelt making Lenin feel so heartbroken that his heart strings broke and it caused his heart to deform.  After Lenin’s death Stalin eventually outsmarted his rivals and won the control of the Communist Party.During 1939. Stalin after taking over leadership against trotsky from lenin, and improving the Soviet Union, sees that a second world war would be inevitable between countries in europe as Nazi Germany has annexed Austria and part of Czechoslovakia in 1938. Of course Stalin did not want to have war because first, he wanted to maintain neutrality in the conflict, second, if ever Germany goes to war against France and Britain, the damages caused by the war would leave the soviets as the dominant force in Europe, and third Stalin also faced a threat from the east as Soviet troops were clashing against the Japanese who wanted to expand. As Britain and France seemed that they were not willing to be allies with the Soviet Union, Stalin saw a better deal with Hitler. Then, in May 1939, Germany started to negotiate with the Soviet Union. Stalin thought that this was going to be an opportunity for the Soviet Union for both territorial expansion and peace with Germany. So in August 1939, Stalin sent Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav to meet with Germany foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop for them to sign a non-aggresion pact with Germany and the Soviet Union. Of course the pact was called “Molotov-Ribentropp Pact” from the names of the Soviet and German foreign ministers. A week after the non-aggresion pact was signed, Germany invaded Poland which started World War 2 because France and Great Britain declared war against Germany. Finally on September 17, Stalin ordered his army to march into Eastern Poland to restore the order from the collapse of the Polish government. Stalin used this as reasoning to the Allied Powers in order for Stalin to not anger France and Great Britain. Eventually ,because of Hitler’s rapid victories, it made Stalin suffer a nervous breakdown. His purge of multiple army officers in the 1930’s also added to his problems. Stalin had recovered though and started to make things better again for the Soviet Union. Hitler then decided to invade the Soviet Union so Hitler started Operation Barbarossa. Stalin was almost captured by the Germans but because of the Soviets massive manpower, Stalin’s army pushed the Germans back until 1945 when they finally took over Berlin.