It will include even the elderly in the future.

It is very important for technology to
continue growing but of course there will be advantages and disadvantages to
come with. Every year we hear cellphones, gaming consoles, computers, and even
cars get upgraded with more evolved technology making the product very more
efficient. Having all these “tech jazzy” products can be very beneficial to
your everyday lifestyle but I believe that this kind of practice brings a very
big disadvantage. As the world continues to evolve into an intelligent world
where we can always stay connected through sites like Twitter, Facebook, or
Instagram, there is never a time where you can’t learn anything. Checking the
news that’s happening halfway across the world can be done in seconds. Besides
social media, everyday technology we use has been very efficient. Recently I
took a trip to Florida over the winter break and driving there wasn’t possible
without a GPS. It is incredible how such a small device can pack a full
detailed geographical map of almost the whole world. One big disadvantage I
notice as technology improves has to do with smartphones. With cellphones
having the capability of working like a big desktop computer but in your hands,
almost everyone has the need to be connected to social media or simply browse
the web anywhere they are carrying their phones. This is mostly true for
teenagers and as technology keeps advancing through generations, this will
include even the elderly in the future. Because the use of cellphones is a
must, the relationship between human’s changes for the worst. People now
communicate commonly by sending text messages through their phones which means
less face to face interactions. This can lead to people becoming socially
awkward by being so accustomed to just sending a text rather than having an
actual conversation. I am an EE major and without a doubt does my major depend
on technology to advance. For example, almost all electrical devices have many
IC’s, or microchips, where back in the 1970’s there would be as little as a
thousand transistors in a chip which was quite bulky at the time. Nowadays, you
can pack as many as 1 billion transistors in a microchip where you can see
exactly how technology advances because with these transistors you produce
power to be capable of running certain software’s and hardware’s. To give you
an example, your average desktop computer has around 30 little microchips and
by doing the math, that’s a very large amount of transistors to be capable of
powering the latest and newest programs available. Personally, I find myself
pretty dependent to all my personal devices. I try to limit myself from the
digital world and try to spend any free time that I have socializing with
friends. Technology has come a long way and it is very interesting to think
about what to expect in the upcoming years