It They fulfil their obligations paying attention to different

It goes without saying that a
multidisciplinary team worked with my client. Professionals who have different
medical backgrounds aided Mrs. Petrova on a regular basis. They fulfil their
obligations paying attention to different spheres of my client’s life and,
thus, greatly contributed to physiological, emotional, physical, psychological,
mental welfare of Mrs. Petrova. Besides, it was important for a multidisciplinary
team and me, as a part of this team, to communicate with family members in a professional

My client, Mrs. Petrova was a
76-year-old woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer (In this assignment,
pseudonyms are used in order to protect the client’s privacy and
confidentiality). At first, the client went through different types of hormone
blocking therapy and chemo. After that, it was essential to place my client
under the supervision of palliative care specialists. She was suffering from
metastases that had covered many parts of her body including lumbar area pelvic
girdle. On top of that the client had constant headaches and pain in neck area.
Thus, aesthesis was regularly used to control insufferable pain.

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First of all, I would like to
emphasize the role of doctors in terms of palliative care of my client. It is
indispensable to mention that professionals who represent various areas of
medical profession were involved in palliative care of my client. All of them
work accordingly and in perfect collaboration. They understood each other
immediately and always came to mutual understanding in the context of their work.

As I have previously said,
different health care professional worked together on a regular basis. A strong
hierarchy within the health care setting was maintained. Doctors played the
most important role in my client’s care. They coordinate all actions, giving
orders and recommendations to nurses and other health care professionals. Everybody
fulfils their own obligations and, if necessary, it was a regular practice to other
professionals for all necessary instructions and recommendations.

In palliative care of my
client the importance of the family was emphasized. It is a well-known fact
that many palliative care receive all necessary care within the home environment
and prefer to die at home in the circle of their family. At first my client was
taken care of at home, but then, when his disease became more severe, she was
placed under the supervision of professionals. The family of my client payed an
important role for my client. They became, so to speak, caregivers and thus, a
part of the healthcare team. They helped other healthcare professionals,
nurses. They also assist their dying relative in getting around. Besides, they
were helping the healthcare team with my client’s day-today care. They were
also giving reassurance to my client trying to maintain her emotional and
psychical wellbeing. 

It also important to point out
the philosophy of palliative care. It includes many aspects. Firstly, to be
open with Mrs. Petrova was crucial. All information about her disease, prognosis
was told to her. Thus, it is simple to understand the philosophy of palliative
care; all health care professionals must maintain openness and frankness with
their clients. At first, the family of my client wanted to shelter Mrs. Petrova
from this information, but after discussing it with the members of the
healthcare tem, they decided to be quite open with my client. My client gained
full understanding of her condition and clinical course.