It murkery water colder than I expected swallowed me

 It was not a decision, but an
unfortunate fate, the bounteous was of dark and light, the murkery water colder
than I expected swallowed me quickly, my body becoming weaker by the second as
blood flooded the river until everything was pitch-black. They say you remember
everything in your dying moments. That your life flashes before your eyes. Yet
it wasn’t my life I recalled as I slowly faded into the darkness. The questions
of what went wrong overwhelmed my already drowning head. What sin had I
committed to deserve such a cruel finale to this long-lasting play? I
remembered everything about the creature and the events leading up to my
eventual death. I had been used as a puppet. Commandeered by the black creature
with the distant glowing, red eyes and just by one snap of the string,
everything ended. It was all because of “It…Everything started with “It”.



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The dimmed
city was resplendent under the moons bright glare, the night was so silent,
only the whispering wind could be heard. Every sound could be emphasised
amongst the silence. Drops of water trickling from the tap, the electricity
running through the house…..these didn’t bother me at all. But the screeching
and crying was different. It made me feel insecure in my own bed. It was as if
someone was scratching against the rusted blackboard and the cry of a baby
along with it. I looked around, for God’s protection then I saw it. Amongst the
bright city lights, I saw a shadow lurking behind the window. Icy coldness
shivered down my spine. Was I to go on a search for the owner of the black
shadow? Or was I meant to ignore it? The answer was unclear, but all I knew was
that in a blink of an eye, I was up and on a search, curious about to whom this
shadow belonged to, but the closer I was the more terrified I became. At last, I
reach the window pane only to find a black cat, oh how paranoid I had been or
so I thought. Every night, I started to have nightmares of the cat, people
dying in front of me. was I destined to begin misfortune to everyone or was it
just a nightmare?


I wished it
to be a nightmare but that was impossible, the saying “black cats give bad luck”,
seems to be proven now. People around me suffered because of this “creature”,
and I walked away from the incidents helplessly. The only thing I had in mind
was to stay away from the people that mattered to me the most, my relatives and
friends. The last thing I wanted was to bring calamity to those closest to me.

for years I hid away, exiled myself. Knowing that a step outside, would cause
death. But this affected me badly. It drove me to complete insanity. I would
speak to myself repetitively, “I was born to make humans suffer”. What could
have I possibly done to deserve this? Many thought I was dead, as they did not
hear from me in years, and maybe that was best for them. I did not want to stay
near people. It would cause more death.