Introduction: the Philippine culture because of their deep superstitions.


            Dreams were well
known to the lives of man as it was part of their daily lives, they sleep at
night, having their dreams continuously playing in their minds up all night,
waking up cutting short the dreams they had, trying to remember hardly what did
they dreamt of last night or before the moment they wake up. Dreams are very
essential and a part of man’s everyday life, and they have no idea that these
dreams can also contain messages and interpretations that may affect their
lives, and the messages these dreams convey, they are called dream

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            According to Cherry (2017), dreams are very mysterious,
but by understanding its meanings, it can be downright baffling. That even
certain theories exists to explain the reason of dream, no one fully
understands its true purpose, and the fact that dreams are very rich and
compelling which causes many to believe that there must be some meaning to our

            And sometimes, dream interpretations are related to ones
culture or superstitious beliefs which almost all of the world has. That dreams
that one have witnessed may tell or may cause future events and omens to
someone and one of the cultures of the world that has very deep roots that can
be related to dream interpretations is the Philippine culture because of their
deep superstitions. Filipinos are very well known for their superstitions. This
is the part of its culture can never be disposed nor forgotten because it is
very important to them. They believe on things like it is bad to sweep the
floor of the house at night as it will sweep away the good luck of the people
living on the house, they also believe on things like supernatural beings, and
so on, which makes the Philippines possible to have any relations about dreams
and dream interpretations.



            This study was made to determine the relationship between
selected Filipino superstitions and Carl Jung’s dream interpretation and to
broaden the knowledge about the said topic. And this paper aims to answer these
research questions:

What is the connection between selected
Filipino superstitions and Carl Jung’s dream interpretations?

How does this connection form a
relationship between Carl Jung’s dream interpretation and the selected Filipino

How does this relationship between the
selected Filipino superstitions and Carl Jung’s dream interpretations affect
the beliefs of the Filipinos?

Hypothesis :

Due to further analysis
of the gathered relevant information, the researchers believed that there are many connections between Carl
Jung’s dream interpretation and selected Filipino superstitions due to the
reasons that both had psychological connections and both has many myths so that
is why the researchers believed that these two has a deep relationship between








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October 12). Dream Interpretation:What Do Dreams Mean?.Retrieved from