Introduction it may seem overwhelmingly complex, but by focusing


     Leading a team or group is a real skill that takes time, thought, and dedication. Leadership is the most studied aspect of organization because it is the one overarching topic that makes the difference between success and failure. At times it may seem overwhelmingly complex, but by focusing on some fundamentals a team can be led with confidence and skill. Leadership is focused much more on the individual capability of the leader: “Leadership is a function of knowing yourself, having a vision that is well communicated, building trust among colleagues, and taking effective action to realize your own leadership potential. Thus this paper aims to outline what a leader is, the qualities a proper leader possess, and the effect of leadership in the contemporary world.

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Leadership is an important function of management which helps to maximize efficiency and to achieve organizational goals. The following points justify the importance of leadership in a concern.

1. Initiates action- Leader is a person who starts the work by communicating the policies and plans to the subordinates from where the work actually starts.

2. Motivation- A leader proves to be playing an incentive role in the concern’s working. He motivates the employees with economic and non-economic rewards and thereby gets the work from the subordinates.

3. Providing guidance- A leader has to not only supervise but also play a guiding role for the subordinates. Guidance here means instructing the subordinates the way they have to perform their work effectively and efficiently.

4. Creating confidence- Confidence is an important factor which can be achieved through expressing the work efforts to the subordinates, explaining them clearly their role and giving them guidelines to achieve the goals effectively. It is also important to hear the employees with regards to their complaints and problems.

5. Building morale- Morale denotes willing co-operation of the employees towards their work and getting them into confidence and winning their trust. A leader can be a morale booster by achieving full co-operation so that they perform with best of their abilities as they work to achieve goals.


Essential difference between leadership and management, which is captured in these definitions:

* Leadership is setting a new direction or vision for a group that they follow, ie: a leader is the spearhead for that new direction.

* Management controls or directs people/resources in a group according to principles or values that have been establish. This paper focus on Saudi women leaders by taking one of them as an example to prepare the materials of this paper.




Our leader

     The successful female leader we nomination in Saudi Arabia her name Nadia ,she is Member of faculty of the Faculty of Economics and Administration Since 1982.she got General Specialization: Environmental Management, Specialization: Solid Waste Management (Solid Waste Management), University of Portsmouth, UK.also she has Leading managerial experience of Supervisor of the Department of Management Information Systems, Part-time consultant in the Community Service and Training Unit, Vice President: Committee for the Development of Organizational Structure and Career Track in the Presidency.



     The group member was searching about a female Saudi leader and after searching, we agree to choose Dr.Nadia as a leader. We chose Dr. Nadia because for what we have seen during this semester she have a great way in coaching, leading, special personality characteristics and strong charisma. The interview consists of 13 questions, the questions include multiple aspects of this leader like the achievements, the most important decisions taken and other important points will be analyzed later

The interview took time approximately one hour




     In the beginning we asked dr.Nadia about her style in leadership and we found her favorite style that she respect each employee,deal with open door policy , giving the task to the employee and make it work in his own way by the initiative and research to return interest on this employee which is learning and acquiring a new thing  rather  than giving it and restricting. This style called supportive leadership which the leader who is friendly and giving them respect and make the work environment pleasant . The second point we discussed is about her philosophy in leading other she told us that her philosophy is Participation by giving the employees respect and some area they can share with me with the show and recognition that employees have the good skills and abilities and encouragement . Her philosophy we consider it as participative leadership where there leader who invites employees to share , consults , seek to there ideas and opinions . Also, her favorite leader is  Muhammad( ??? ???? ???? ???? ) The best of mankind and the leader of the nation.

On other hand she think that the leadership has strong effect on other and there productivity  . In general leadership have a strong effect on employees and there productivity  because when our employee works in an environment based on guidance, participation, coordination, motivation and training. Ultimately, we will reach the desired results of productivity and high efficiency the most important decisions was taken by dr.  Nadia as  aleader in her position was  to work as Advisor in the protection of meteorology and environment and she worked with them for 3 years . What about her opinion in  if the leader could have impact on followers she said  Of course because sometimes we see a good employees but without effective leadership the result will be negative  also the leadership depends on type of employee, status and decision taken. Also , all leader face situational factors but but we try to separate a good leader is able to focus on his tasks even in the most difficult times .These days I face situational factor which is the death of Dr. Nisreen, who was really affected by it because it was working with me and we was is close friend to each other . We asked her about her opinion if she think there are any barries face a women leader in Saudi culture and she never feel that and she don’t think because it’s depend on the leader himself like before i went to the protection of meteorology and environment i change there negative view about Women worked with them because they have a previous negative experience . Sometimes people think that man better than women do as leader but this not true because the leadership depends on the situation and people.

There is no different between man and woman finally the personality of the leader and his knowledge, experience and how to deal with different situation and people are the main thing regardless of gender. The way that used by Dr. Nadia to encourage the team toward the core values by giving the opportunity, Self prove and Research and Innovation. Also, we would know if her career added to her personality as a leader she answered  yes but she think the leadership can come in Two forms : acquired or innate , she considered her leadership as innate also ,work ,experience , different environments and positions have had a role and are considered sources of maturity 

A good leader who assess himself because in this way he will improve. Dr Nadia loves to learn and acquire new knowledge, has a strong ambition as well as she has an independent personality, depends on it and very rational. Also for some accomplishments in leadership: now in the protection of meteorology and environment they accept the idea to recruit women, Strategy in recruitment ,strategy in environmental awareness and Strategy in organizational structure also the different  positions in the university that I worked in Different positions , environment , people make you learn something new and in  this way you can develop yourself.


Conclusions and recommendations

     In conclusion, there are a lot of successful Saudi women leaders. They adopted different leadership styles with high ability to lead and handle high job positions. Our example Dr.Nadia Abdulghaffar is one of these successful Saudi women leaders. She has her own effective leadership style. She achieved a lot of accomplishments as a successful and effective leader. Which clearly show how much the Saudi culture is an encouraging culture to any woman see herself as a leader.

Moreover, we recommend companies located in Saudi Arabia to give more opportunities for Saudi women to occupied different jobs including high job positions. In addition, we recommend other researchers to do such research with more than one-woman leader in Saudi Arabia to increase the number of samples and improve the research outcomes.