Introduction is a part of society welfare theoretically and


welfare is a word comprising several facilities, revenues and services available
to employees by resources of the employers. The welfare schemes not required be
financial other than during any sympathetic/methods. This includes items such
as allowances, housing, transportation, medical insurance and food. Employee
welfare also includes monitoring of working conditions, creation of industrial agreement
through road and rail network for health, insurances against assurance,
industrial relations, accident and being without a job for the workers and
their families. From side to side such large benefits the employer makes value
living for employees. Welfare includes anything that life is done for the relief
and improvement and employees and is provided additional and higher than the

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helps in maintenance the confidence and encouragement of the employees high so
as to retain the employees for longer intervals. The welfare schemes need not
be in fiscal terms only but in any types/customs. Employee welfare includes observing
of in employment relations and protections against diseases, accidents and joblessness
for the workers and their condition, creation of industrial agreement through
organization for healthiness, industrial facilities.

welfare is a part of society welfare theoretically and operationally. It covers
a board field and suggests a state of well-being, happiness, achievement, conservation
and development of human properties and also helps to motivation of worker. The
basic purpose of employee welfare is to develop the life of employees and to
keep them happy and conducted. Welfare schemes may be both lawful and
non-statutory laws require the employer to cover sure profits to employees in accumulation
to wages and incomes.

provide welfare services to their employees to keep their motivation stages
high. The employee welfare schemes can be classified into two categories viz. Constitutional
and Non-statutory welfare schemes.

The constitutional
schemes are those schemes that are necessary to provide by an organization as obedience
to the laws governing employee health and safety, these includes: canteen services,
drinking water, proper and sufficient lighting, facilities for sitting,
changing rooms, first aid appliances, latrines and urinals, laundry places,
spittoons, rest rooms. Non- statutory welfare schemes may include: personal
health care, flexi-time, employee’s assistance programs me, irritation policy, member
of staff referral schemes, midi-claim insurances schemes. The non-statutory
schemes differ from association and from industries to industries.

The various
welfare procedures provided by the employer will have immediate impact on the
health, physical and mental effectiveness, attentiveness, confidence and
overall effectiveness of the workers and by this means contributing to the
higher productivity. The welfare procedures are more important for every employee,
without welfare schemes employee cannot work successfully in the organization.
The necessary propose of employee welfare is to enrich the life of employees
and to remain them wonderful and conducted that helps to development of the

About facilities
and service area which go down inside the performance of employee welfare
include suitable canteen facilities, housing explorations, and spare time
facilities, medical facilities, and transport facilities for travelling from
and to the domicile of work.












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