Introduction fields such as computer science, medicine, and architecture.


scriptural times to the present day, Israel has long attracted visitors with
its Mediterranean climate and alluring sights. Its landscapes are also renowned
for their diversity which means that there is something for everyone- fertile valleys,
deserts, and mountains can all be found, while the Mediterranean coastlines,
Sea of Galilee, Red Sea, and Dead Sea offer both seaside resorts and unique
geological sights.

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is always something happening and something to cater to every taste which makes
Israel a beacon for students. While Jerusalem is the nation’s capital, Tel Aviv
is, undoubtedly, its most cosmopolitan and liberal space and home to corporate
offices, young entrepreneurs, and a bustling nightlife. The Tel Aviv University
is located in this 24-hour city although there are nine other universities
spread across the holy land. Below, we take a look at 3 of the best
universities in Israel as follows:

Technion Israel Institute of


Located in the city of Haifa, this
is Israel’s biggest engineering and science university. It is comprised of 18
faculties that offer dozens of graduate courses and about 50 undergraduate
courses, covering the main engineering and science disciplines and associated
fields such as computer science, medicine, and architecture. The Technion
Israel Institute of Technology is renowned for the research that it conducts in
fields such as energy, stem cell science, nanotechnology, space science, and


Tel Aviv University (TAU)


Founded in 1956, TAU is not only Israel’s
largest institution of research and higher learning, but its most comprehensive
as well. It offers 125 departments and schools across the spectrum of arts and
humanities, sciences; 128 research centers; and Israel’s biggest teaching and
bio-medical research complex. At the core of the academic culture in Tel Aviv
University is interdisciplinary collaboration which explains why the university
also leads in the impact and number of research publications. With more
students opting to study at TAU than at any other college and university in
Israel, it is little wonder that its graduates are the most sought after in
their respective professional fields.


Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI)


Founded 30 years before the
establishment of the state of Israel, HUJI is the second oldest institution in
the country and counts Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein among the members of
its first Board of Governors. Its main campus is located in north-eastern
Jerusalem (Mount Scopus). In total, about 25,000 students study in the
institution’s 14 schools and 7 faculties, which include faculties of dental
medicine; medicine; mathematics and science; law; and a business administration
school. The university also offers a number of free courses online (e.g. modern
Hebrew poetry) thus giving students a chance to experience what it may be like
to study there through its online course platform- Coursera.