Introduction: advantage over the amount of power they have?

Introduction:       Have you ever considered that police have taken advantage over the amount of power they have? Is it because we let them? Or? Is it because of hatred and discrimination? How can we trust our saviors? Over the years police have had a lot of incidents where there was always a African-American citizen being harmed by their hand. “Crazy right”!? At this point the key to closing this door is Trust.  to the number of incidents dealing with African-Americans the amount of trust in the Police was limited highly. First, people are starting to believe its  to racism and discrimination. Next, because there are more blacks being incarcerated than any other race. Finally, in today’s society stereotype is a big issue in race. These are all big impacts on why the trust was limited.     First, Why blacks are more likely to die by the hands of an officer rather than any other race? According to  NY-TIMES Over the past three years, cases in which blacks were killed by the police or died in police custody have risen to national prominence and increased racial tensions, often prompting demonstrations around the country.We tracked the outcomes of 15 high-profile deaths. In some of the cases, the police offered an explanation for their actions, but many viewers of raw footage concluded that their actions were unjustified.Officers were indicted or charged in eight of the cases. A trial is pending in one case. One case resulted in a conviction and another led to a guilty plea and a prison sentence. So i truly believe that there’s always going to be a issue with racial discrimination because no matter what color our skin is we should’nt be mistaken for the animals they believe us to be. At the end of the day were all people made into one picture to live amongst as one.   Next, There are more blacks being incarcerated than any other race. As seen throughout the news, and social media blacks have a way of biting the hand of the law. But are they always the cause of the accusation? Knowing what we know from the history of the past is that question even worth searching for?! In an additional 11 states, the incarceration for African Americans is at least seven times the incarceration rate of whites, evidence found on NAACP CRIMINAL JUSTICE. And even in the state with the lowest racial disparity, Hawaii, the odds of imprisonment for blacks are more than twice as high for whites. I believe this is also do to police stereotyping us for robbers or any other racial flaw they have to call or name an african american.