Integrity a leader to be more credible. Integrity is

Integrity “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything ” ~ Mark Twain . This quote shows the significant importance of integrity and honesty. Integrity is defined as the quality of honesty and moral principle. Integrity is an crucial attribute, that is critical for success .Those who constantly achieve this quality are seen as trustworthy and more true to themselves. An example of  this quality is when someone returns money to another person who has dropped it. This action displays integrity as it shows that they would rather exhibit honesty than use it towards their benefits. Integrity is crucial for the development of your character, sustaining relationships, and creating an identity for yourself. It means doing the right thing at everytime and all situations, whether or not anyone is watching. Sometimes, It takes lot of passion and courage do the right thing without expecting a positive effect for yourself .We live in a world where we need to work with others to get things done. It is very important to show integrity in every actions to expose your true identity to the world.  Long term , we are more likely to succeed if we live with Integrity. Having the highest ethical standards both at school and at home means we will never compromise our values. We will be more respectable if we are ethical and portray integrity. Integrity is one of the characteristics of leadership, it has a high influential value and broadens trust. It enables a leader to be more credible. Integrity is applicable for leaders in industries such as: politics,sports,academics, and business. A good leader that showcases integrity always develops an environment that encourages collaboration. Leaders with integrity have always succeeded in the past. It takes a long time to build integrity but it is very easy to loose it.My Mom is a person with high integrity. She always instrcuted as to be truthful to ourselves. She recieves  a lot of respect from her collegues. She has seen her friends using unethical ways to get promoted at work like taking credit for other’s work. But she always wanted to promote her team in front of the leadership for their work.  She earned Trust and admiration from her team and co-workers for showing integrity and  team provied great feedbak to higher management .  She created a environment for her team to excel and collaberate each to achieve team goals. By doing this , She and her  team were able to achive great results and it enabled all the eligible memebers getting promoted.


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