Increasing and simple framework for future distribution network studies.

Increasing customer
expectations, rising costs and more intense competitive pressures are driving
the development of the new supply chain strategies and complex network designs.
That increasing complexity is one of the main reasons why supply chain networks
need to be frequently re-evaluated. (Pickett 2013, pp. 30) .

It can likewise altogether enhance edges and lessen working
expenses. The number and areas of plants and distribution centers is a basic
factor in the accomplishment of any store network. A few specialists propose
that 80 % of the expenses of the store network are secured with the area of the
offices and the assurance of ideal streams of item between them (Wattson
et al. 2012, pp. 1).

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Research Objectives

target of this proposal is to look through outlines and demonstrating hones and
to make a system which could distinguish most ideal network arrange structure
for the case organization. The fundamental research question for this
examination is: How to streamline case organization’s dissemination arrange
regarding client needs and expenses? The fundamental inquiries can be isolated
into littler sub-inquiries with a specific end goal to discover the
arrangement. These sub-questions are:

What is the customers”
service level that we are seeking to reach?

What is/are
the main kind(s) of distribution network(s) to be implemented?

What is the
best way to measure costs inside such networks?


Main purpose of this study is to solve a company’s distribution network problem
but at the same time target is to define clear and simple framework for future
distribution network studies.


D- Literature Review


These supply chain
management definitions leads to few key observations. First, supply chain
management takes into consideration every facility impact on cost and plays a
role in making the product conform to customer requirements. Second, the
objective of supply chain management is to be cost efficient and cost effective
across the entire system. (Simchi-Levi et al. 2004)


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