In which mentioned both events in their titles or


 In regard to the first event, the
death of Aylan Kurdi, I used his first name ‘Aylan’ as a search term.  Some sources spelled his name as ‘Alan’, and
when searching for articles it showed many results that were irrelevant and
referred to another person Alan. For this reason, I had to narrow down the
research by adding a specific time of publication of the articles. I therefore
decided to retrieve results from 1st of September 2015 until the 31st
of July 2016 as this is the cut-off date for the analysis of news articles in
this research. This date was chosen because Aylan Kurdi drowned on the 2nd
of September 2015. One limitation was that the results perhaps only showed
articles in which the boy’s name was already known. However, some articles had
confirmed that the identity of Aylan became known within hours of the
circulation of the picture. This therefore suggests that the first possible
publication on Aylan Kurdi could have been the day after he was found, when his
name was already known. The total amount of articles based on the search
criteria used resulted in 34 unique articles published by de Volkskrant
compared to only 14 articles published by de Telegraaf.


coverage, confirming its capability to provide reliable
information.  The articles were collected through specific search criteria. As
mentioned in the introduction of this dissertation, the research is focused on
two particular events that occurred during the refugee crisis. For this reason,
articles were collected which mentioned both events in their titles or
elsewhere. One disadvantage to using LexisNexis was that it does not display
originally published pictures within the articles. This meant that I had to
repeat the search for the articles using Google, which made it more time
consuming. Despite the number of articles on the refugee crisis,
there were not many images within the articles or not relevant to the research.
For this reason, images within articles were selected and analysed on the basis
of directly providing a representation of refugees. This resulted in 8 images
in total extracted from both de
Volkskrant and de Telegraaf.
However, as this essay is not interested in refugee photography but rather a
general representation of refugees in images after the two events mentioned, I
have decided to select 4 images to analyse in this dissertation. These images
were chosen to be analysed purely out of my own decision that I found them most
relevant to the research. Although I could have analysed more images, I wanted
to avoid repetition of similar ideas and conclusions therefore the selected
images I believe are sufficient to answer the research question I have

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