In to catch his breath because of his asthma

In the book “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding the character that had the most symbolism went by the name of Piggy. Although his birth name was never said, the name Piggy is a much more symbolic representation of his character. Piggy is the type of kid to never break the rules, especially his aunt’s. He knew that was different from a lot of the other kids but and he accepted that. Alhough piggy showed he was accepting of his differences, how he really felt was a different story. He was jealous of the abilities Simon had and the things he could do, that he couldn’t do himself. “The fat boy stood by him, breathing hard.Piggy subjected to Ralph, trying to catch his breath because of his asthma and also the fact he wasn’t in ideal condition, showing that although it was hard for him, he stood loyal. He begins to explain asthma to Ralph, “that’s right. Can’t catch my breath. I was the only boy in our school what had asthma, and I’ve been wearing specs since I was three.” Piggy was not the most popular kid in school to say the least. “I don’t care what they call me, so long as they don’t call me what they used to call me at school… Piggy.” Because they’re young kids, obviously as soon as he tells Ralph that he doesn’t want to be called Piggy, Ralph begins to tease him because that’s just what little kids do.In the story, piggy gets along with a handful of characters, however is lack of relationship with many others foreshadows on events in the future. Piggy’s life is lost due to his interactions with Jack and Roger. When the boys are getting a group together to go hunting in the first few chapters is when the first conflict arises between Piggy and the others”You’re no good on a job like this””All the same-“”We don’t want you,” said Jack flatly, “three’s enough.” “I was with him when he found the conch. I was with Ralph before anyone was.” “You can’t come” Just because Piggy is a little different from the others and can’t do as much, jack feels it is okay to berate him. With matters including Ralph, Piggy is pretty persistent in getting his way, when the situation involves Jack however, he is able to control himself when he tests his patience.  Piggy is extremely mentally strong despite his lack of physical lack of strength. With the positive characteristics, he is able to think up good ideas pertaining to being rescued and surviving. I expect we’ll want to know all their names,” said the fat boy, “and make a list. We ought to have a meeting.”Although Piggy is extremely different from most of the others, him and Simon are probably the most similar on all the island. The elephant in the room similarity is that they are both the outcasts of the group. Simon is criticized for being he first to see what the boys call the, “imaginary beast.” Everybody else was convinced that it was a mythical creature. Simon is criticized due to his actions, while Piggy. Piggy was referred to as “fatty”, while Simon was referred to as “batty”. The second similarity is that both of the boys are killed by their, “friends” on the island. Simons body was washed away by the ocean when the boys mistakenly killed him when they thought he was the real beast. Piggy however was murdered in a more gruesome way, when Roger saw the chance and took it. When Ralph was running against Jack for chief, Roger saw the need to eliminate any possibility for Ralph to win so he pushed a boulder and it caught Piggy at the knees.You could definitely say that all of the characters in Lord Of The Flies change throughout the story, go savage, adopt a new personality. However, the character that never really changes throughout the story is Piggy. He always stayed true to the morals his aunt set upon him and his instinct to survive on the island, not becoming savage. Before Piggy dies, his last words are, “I got this to say. You’re acting like a crowd of kids, which is better – to be a pack of painted Indians like you are, or to be sensible like Ralph is? Which is better – to have rules and agree or to hung and kill? Which is better, law and rescue or hunting and breaking things up?” This shows that Piggy wasn’t afraid to admit that things were going terrible and everything was problematic. Although he may be overweight and have an extreme baby face, nowhere near the physical attributes of an adult, he acts the most grown up out of all the group. Even when all the other boys are on the brink of insanity, Piggy keeps his head straight. He isn’t the most standout character on the island, but he stands up for himself well throughout the novel. Piggy dies a painful death because he did not understand the effects of isolation the other characters endured. All in all, Piggy is not only very important to the progression of the story, but as well his character teaches morals of treating others with respect and standing your own. Piggy was unfairly treated because of things he could not change. The story would have a much different outcome if Piggy’s character was never introduced.